The Twenty20 World Cup will begin on October 17 in the UAE and Oman. The best shorter format international teams will compete for the grandest battle. The grand finale will light up the Dubai International Stadium on November 14. Pakistan will face New Zealand for an enthralling World Cup contest on October 26. The game has become one of the hottest battles of the World Cup following the New Zealand Cricket Team’s pull-out from the tour of Pakistan.  Before the spectacular contest, we must look at Pakistan vs New Zealand T20 World Cup predictions. ... read more

Virat Kohli is the grandest superstar of modern-era cricket and nobody is denying this fact. Kohli has everything that a batsman needs to become a batting marvel. He has the scintillating cover drive that makes the eyes shocked and the marvelous straight drive with pure focus. The astonishing leg-side flick with the smoothest timing is also the one to watch. Kohli not only inspires with his shots but the record books also speak of his volume. Now as the T20 World Cup is approaching, all eyes are on the Virat Kohli special predictions. ... read more

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players of all time. Recently his transfer from Barcelona to Paris-Saint German gathered tremendous hype in the football world. In this professional career, this is his first football club apart from Barcelona. So France as his new destination is surely an exciting change for him and his fans also. Let’s look at how things fared for the giant football star Lionel Messi in his full PSG debut. The attack of the Paris Saint-German already looked extremely strong on the paper. With the inclusion of Messi, the squad of Paris has spiced. They are looking like the contenders for winning the UCL. ... read more

UEFA Champions League is one of the grandest football competitions in the history of football. The best teams from their respective leagues will face the world in the battle of achieving the utmost peak. The current champion of European Football is a great English Premier League’s side, Chelsea. Chelsea defeated Manchester City at Estádio da Luz in the grand finale of UCL 2020 to take the monumental title. As the Champions League returns, the football pundits are awaiting the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich predictions. The match is scheduled to take place at Camp Nou. ... read more

Every gaming fanatic is tremendously excited for the Playstation Showcase 2021. Sony has revealed the first- and third-party titles which are going to be released shortly. The event has lived up to the hype. Everybody is geared up to ready their consoles to run the best games of the next generation. Some are lined up to buy the powerful Playstation 5 following the reveal. Are you also planning to buy Playstation 5 this year? This might not sound like a bad idea as you keep reading this article. ... read more

National Football League (NFL) is one of the prestigious sports competitions in the world. Whenever the tournament kicks off, millions of sports fanatics are glued to their television screens. Thousands turn at the stadium to witness the spectacular skills of the star players like Josh Allen, Patrick Mahomes, and Dak Prescott. With the arrival of such a spectacular sports event, sports betting also make the headlines. Sports betting faced opposition during the NFL in recent years but this season brings great news for the gambling fans. It is revealed that NFL legalizes sports betting in 2021 which has increased the hype for the season immensely.  ... read more

T20 World Cup is set to begin on October 17 in the UAE and Oman. The preparations of all the teams are in full swing ahead of the grand event. A total of 16 teams will participate in the World Cup and 42 matches will be played to decide the champion. The India-Pakistan game is regarded as the biggest encounter in the game of bat and ball. Whenever any cricket tournament arrives, the pundits rush towards the fixtures of the event. They confirm whether arch-rivals India and Pakistan are competing against each other or not. Before the fierce contest, fans love to see the Pak vs Ind match predictions to know if their favorite side stands a chance ... read more

Indian Premier League is set to restart with the scintillating CSK vs MI rivalry that will light up the Dubai International Stadium on September 19. Regarded as the top T20 competition in the world, IPL will serve as a platform for the mega event’s preparations. The Twenty20 World Cup which is just around the corner will start following the end of IPL. ... read more