Online Gambling Sites in Bermuda - May 2024

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Gambling Laws in Bermuda

Various forms of land-based gambling in Bermuda are legal under the current gambling legislation in the country. The Casino Gaming Act, on the force since 2014, legalized casino gambling for the first time on this British Overseas territory. The Casino Gaming Regulations, on the force since 2018 aimed to introduce further modifications of this act, being directed towards securing a system of casino gambling that will be most beneficial for the country. Besides the casino industry betting is also regulated with a special act, known as the Betting Act from 1975 and its amendments. Lotto is prohibited under the Lotteries Act from 1944, and its revision from 1989, except for lotteries working for the promotion of societies, clubs or charity purposes.  As there are no specific online gambling laws in Bermuda, it is generally considered that online gambling in Bermuda is not regulated.  The body responsible for the regulation of the legal casino gambling in the country is the Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission whose operations started in 2015 based on the enactment of the Casino Gaming Act 2014. The Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission is also responsible for the granting of casino licenses, whose number is limited by law to three establishments that must be operated within hotels. The licensing of betting shops on the other side is a responsibility of the Betting Licensing Authority which regulates the betting sector in accordance with the Betting Act 1975. According to Bermudian gambling laws, minors, under 18 years of age are prohibited to participate in any lotto activities.

Is Online Gambling Legal in Bermuda?

No, all forms of online gambling are not regulated in Bermuda.

Online Casinos in Bermuda

As of April 2019, there are no online casinos in Bermuda. Online gambling in the country is in general not regulated, so no Bermudian online casino licenses are on the offer. Although there is an active blockage on online gambling content, illegal access to internet casino sites from Bermuda is frequently reported by many Central and South American based online casino providers.

Online Poker in Bermuda

Online poker sites in Bermuda are not legal, as of April 2019. As there are no specific Bermudian online poker laws, there are no Bermudian online poker licenses on the offer. Foreign online poker sites, however, can easily be accessed from Bermuda. 

Online lottery in Bermuda

The Bermudian lottery laws, which include the Lotteries Act from 1944, and its revision from 1989, prohibit the organization of lotto games in the country which are not for charity purposes or for the benefit of separate societies or clubs. Still, many lotteries sell their tickets in Bermuda such as the Florida Lottery, which has lately been subject to lots of controversies in Bermuda. Online lottery in Bermuda, is also not an option. Foreign online lotto sites in Bermuda are also actively blocked from accessing the Bermudian market.

Online bingo in Bermuda

Similar as in cases with the other gambling sites, there are also no online bingo sites in Bermuda. Since there are no specific Bermudian online bingo laws, there were no any offers for licenses regarding online bingo by the respective authorities, as of April 2019. Foreign online bingo sites can easily be accessed from Bermuda.

Online sports betting in Bermuda

All opportunities for betting in the country are land-based and as of April 2019 there are no licensed online sportsbook sites in Bermuda. Some of the companies who are licensed for offering land-based sports betting include the Triple Crown Racing Ltd. and the Gametime Ltd.  There are, however, plenty of foreign internet sportsbook sites that target Bermudian players most of them coming from Central and South America.

Online daily fantasy sports in Bermuda

Online DFS sites in Bermuda do not have a legally regulated status. Considering the legality of some sports betting in the country, it is very probable that internet Daily Fantasy Sports would receive legal status in Bermuda, once online betting becomes more popular.