Online Bingo Sites in Brazil - May 2024

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Bingo in Brazil

Since the mid 1960s casinos have been outlawed, while most other forms of gambling in the country have been banned since 1946. Over the years, bingo was eventually added to the list of permitted forms of gambling and it spread widely as the populace embraced the opportunity to wager legally once again. Though in 2004 bingo in Brazil was temporarily made illegal, due to the scandal which was sparkled by a tape showing how a member of the Brazilian government is demanding bribes from a bingo industry insider. All bingo operations were closed down from February through October. This led 30,000 Brazilian bingo hall workers to take to the street in protest. Thereafter, the game was declared legal once again, and so it remains to this day for adults aged 18 years or over.

Online Bingo in Brazil

Even though land-based bingo games in Brazil are legal, the Brazilian government does not license Brazilian bingo operators to offer their games online. Instead, Brazilian players looking for online bingo games can use foreign bingo websites. These are headquartered far from Brazil, so the government cannot shut them down. Many internet bingo sites accept Brazilian players. Since December 2012 the Brazilian government has been considering to accept the suggestion about blocking credit card transactions to online gambling sites. This might cause big difficulties for players, and increase income of illegal gambling industry in Brazil in the nearest future.