Online Lotto Sites in Brazil - May 2024

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Lottery in Brazil

The giant in the lottery industry in Brazil is the Mega-Sena Lottery owned by the Caixa Economica Federal Bank, which runs the National Lottery in Brazil. In Mega-Sena lottery, players choose 6 to 15 numbers out of 60. By increasing the numbers selected, the player also increases the winning odds. Numbers are drawn in pairs from two bowls, in order to form two digit numbers. The first bowl contains numbers from 0-5 and the second from 0-9. In case two zeros are picked, they are considered as number 60. Lotto prizes start from scoring at least 4 numbers. The Mega-Sena drawing on the New Year’s Eve is known as Mega da Virada. The popularity of this lotto edition is immense in Brazil. The reason is of course the generous lotto jackpot which is more than welcome in every family in Brazil in the beginning of the New Year. The highest lottery jackpot in Brazil was won on the Mega da Virada edition in 2014. The lucky lotto winner received an incredible 263.29 million Brazilian reals.

Online Lotto in Brazil In 2010, Caixa Economica Federal started looking for new means for distribution of its lottery products,proposing the establishment of an online lottery services. The first online lottery tickets were sold in 2011. This being the case people from all over South America started buying tickets for the Mega-Sena online lottery game. Soon the game became not only the most popular in Brazil but on the whole continent. Online lottery tickets for participating in the Mega Sena lottery can easily be purchased on several internet lotto sites. The chances for becoming alotto winner of the jackpot in the MegaSena Lottery are 1 in 50.06 million while for the second prizes 1 in 154,518.