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Gambling in Cyprus

All terrestrial forms of gambling are considered to be legal in Cyprus, as of March 2017. The dramatic economic collapse experienced by the south in 2013 has prompted the government to begin planning for a completely legalized and regulated domestic casino industry. Thus, all forms of gambling have soon become legal and under the control of the Cypriot authorities. The body responsible for supervising the gambling in the country is the Ministry of Finance. Gambling in northern Cyprus is also very popular among Turkish tourists, who come to Cyprus in order to gamble.

Online Gambling in Cyprus

Online gambling used to be unregulated before 2012, but the government soon issued the Betting Act 2012 which regulates traditional, fixed bet sports betting and lotteries, and explicitly banns all other forms of internet gambling, including casino gaming (such as roulette and poker) in the country.

Many Cypriots still gamble on the internet, though they play at sites hosted in other areas. Sports betting online is particularly popular in Cyprus, since wagers made at local betting shops are heavily taxed.