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Mobile Casinos in France

French online gambling regulations apply to the mobile casino scene as well. This means that although poker games became legal in 2010, no other casino games may be offered to gamblers on the go. Of the 20 online operators licensed to offer poker, only 4 have launched a mobile offering as of May 2013.

Because of the game’s popularity in France these mobile casinos are used a lot by local players, though many also visit foreign online casinos to play other types of casino games.

The nominal mobile penetration rate is around 110% in France, which is relatively low in European comparison. Discarding multiple and out-of-use accounts, it appears that there still exist a significant number of people in France who do not posses a mobile phone.

Half of those who do, however, own a smartphone, and about two-thirds of them use it to get online.

In terms of operating systems, around 60% of the French smartphones are powered by Android, with iOS accounting for another 20%.

When it comes to service, there is a healthy competition for subscribers between Orange (37%), SFR (29%), Bouygues Telecom(15%) and Free Mobile (9%). The appearance of the latter operator had the noticeable effect of decreasing the overall price level for services.

It is now cheaper than ever to log on to mobile casinos and French players take advantage of it in ever greater numbers.