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Poker in France

Poker is an extremely popular game throughout France not only as a casino game but on a sport level too. There is a popular Ligue Francaise de Poker, founded in 2009, which has more than 250 member clubs. It organizes three annual big tournaments whose winners participate in international poker events. Beside the sport level poker is widely played in all French casinos. The French poker tournaments in this respect are some of the tournaments with highest reputation world wide.


Online Poker in France

France's top poker room, called the Aviation Club, conducts the World Poker Tour each year, with participant numbers increasing exponentially. Another famous tournament, the French Open, takes place at the Casino Barrier de Deauville. This tour is particularly special because players can win buy-ins with online qualifier events. The international megasite PokerStars holds small events before the French Open poker tournament each year, offering winners a package worth $9000 that includes the buy-in plus accommodation and expenses.