123gaming’s 123racing Coming to North Dakota

123gaming to Release their 123racing Sports Betting Platform in North Dakota After Approval Was Granted

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North Dakota may not have yet joined the mobile casino revolution, but their decision to approve a proposal that allows 123gaming’s 123racing horseracing wager pool to be hosted in the state is a step in the right direction. The software will be hosted by a licensed operator in the state, although the final name has yet to be revealed.

123racing has been developed in conjunction with Sportech, and is a continuation of 123gaming’s pari-mutuel wager offerings. Yet it is the extra features that will get punters excited, as the platform compares favorably with other online sportsbooks in America.

The first of these is a new wagering system similar to the traditional Pick-6 system, while the platform has been designed to provide new interactive content for handicappers, as well as a host of other features, including the ability to place bets at participating racetracks, OTBs and online portals.

North Dakota Racing Commission director Gunner LaCour commented: “North Dakota provides highly regulated licensure for multi-jurisdiction online ADW (Advance Deposit Wagering) companies, and we are supportive of Sportech and 123gaming bringing product innovation to the horse racing industry both nationally and internationally.”

He continued: “It is our hope that 123gaming’s contest wager type will further support live horseracing as an entertainment destination and social experience.”

With American gambling laws undergoing some changes in recent time, the online revolution that swept Europe almost a decade ago is coming to US shores. Not only that, but with the proliferation of smartphones across the country, mobile casinos and sportsbooks are sure to follow.

New Jersey is all set to join Delaware in having their own online casinos very shortly, while Nevada isn’t far behind. Gradually, most of the rest of the US is expected to follow suit, although the big money is still seen as being in land-based casinos.

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