UFC 239: Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm Betting Prediction

  • Amanda Nunes is the first ever woman in UFC history to become a two-division champion simultaneously
  • Both Nunes and Holm managed to defeat Ronda Rousey
  • Holm has recovered from a long-lasting knee problem
Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm Betting Prediction
Bookies expect Nunes to come out on top

After knocking out featherweight queen Cris Cyborg, Nunes made history and became the UFC’s first women’s two-division champion. Nunes vs. Holm will be the co-headlining attraction for the UFC 239 on July 7. Nunes vs. Holm betting prediction on Unibet Sportsbook bids a  blockbuster matchup.

Amanda Nunes recently became the first-ever woman in UFC history to become a two-division champion simultaneously. The Lioness is Women’s Bantamweight Champion and Women’s Featherweight Champion. In July, Nunes will switch to the 135-pound category to defend her bantamweight title against Holly Holm.

# UFC Fighter Odds
#1 Amanda Nunes 1.30
#2 Holly Holm 3.45

Amanda Nunes enjoys every single moment of the fight

In the past four years, the Brazilian fighter has shown a tendency to be invincible. The last time when Nunes lost a boat dates back to 2014 September.

The first person to ever knock out Cris Cyborg, Nunes managed to win the fight within 51 seconds. Actually, she has been training to defeat Cyborg for long, so losing was out of the question. From those fights she lost in the past, Nunes learned how to be focused. Online betting sites form the US claim Nunes as the winner of this upcoming fight.

The Brazilian champion is the best UFC fighter today

Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm Betting Prediction
Amanda Nunes

The fighter is convinced that she learned everything she could about fighting. What she is currently doing is more like a mental work: staying focused, and choosing the best techniques. So from the perspective of confidence, Nunes is on the top. From the very beginning, she knew that she will make history, and here she is.

Certainly, she can maintain her calm even in the toughest fight. She is probably one of the strongest fighters, physically and mentally as well. Her cold-bloodedness is truly advantageous in the cage.

Holly Holm has been charging her batteries for some time

The former UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion was a multiple-time world champion in boxing. In three weight classes, Holm defended her titles 18 times.  However, Holm’s record in the past couple of years got a bit messy. The American mixed martial artist had more losses than wins after she gave Ronda Rousey her first loss in the sport.

Holm had a knee surgery half a year ago, to repair a torn meniscus that had been bothering her for more than two years. Moreover, she has been mentally preparing for her triumphant return to the octagon. The knee is fixed, and that must feel a great relief.

Holm is back after challenging private life events

Amanda Nunes vs. Holly Holm Betting Prediction
Holly Holm

Apparently, the knee operation went all good, as the athlete feels much better now. Eventually, Holm thinks, she’s never been better at her sport!

The combat-sports icon just announced that her almost seven-year marriage is apparently coming to an end. As a fighter, Holm also has a personal life, which can get troubled sometimes. Holm admits that she had been going through a lot in the past years. Admittedly, the divorce has been a life-challenge, but Holmes has managed to get better.

Nunes vs. Holm betting prediction

Certainly, the boat between Nunes (1.30) and Holm (3.45) is going to be one of the major fights of the year. Holm is a true legend, and finally, she feels mentally focused. Besides, her challenging divorce is working out, her knee doesn’t hurt anymore, which is a great step forward. Holm, after winning her last boat against Megan Anderson, must have higher confidence what might give her some extra dynamism.

On the other hand, Nunes has such an empowering attitude besides her technique, and that makes her invincible. The Brazilian champion has won eight consecutive fights, is the most impressive female fighter in the sport. she is certainly going to the cage for a win.

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