2018 Turner Prize Betting Odds

2018 Turner Prize betting odds

“Is this art”; the most associated question with the controversial Turner Prize. However, stay ahead when trying to profit from the 2018 Turner Prize betting odds. There is an art when it comes to gambling, especially when making a profit.

The Tate Modern art gallery is notorious for exhibits that walk the fine undefined line of what art is, sparking further controversies with the introduction of the Turner Prize in 1984. If an artist is mealy shortlisted for the prize it is guaranteed to raise their notoriety and success. However, the entries often leave the public feeling underwhelmed and questioning what passes for art nowadays. Especially after considering the farfetched entries for the 2018 Turner Prize.

Forensic Architecture (2.625)


At first glance, one might overlook Forensic Architecture as an artist with name change and a funky alter ego but no. The research team at Goldsmiths University are known for their revolutionary work in the social and political world, bringing indisputable evidence to the court of law when all hope of justice was lost.

“Forensic Architecture winning the Turner Prize would risk turning sensitive investigative work into insensitive entertainment”

Recently the team has featured in several art exhibitions, from Barcelona’s MACBA to London’s ICA, displaying their creation of new mediums and artistic devices, despite their formal presentation. This may have negatively affected them as they have been overlooked as an almost trivial art group by important governing powers. Forensic Architecture has always been aware of this possibility however, their recent attention from the art world is detracting from their intended reputation.

Online sportsbook sites in the UK predict that given the controversy surrounding the team’s nomination for the Turner Prize, the Tate will be forced into awarding them the prize, out of artistic admiration but also responsibility for the group’s prosperity.

Naeem Mohaiemen (3.74)

“The most important material is almost always the small objects of history, not the main event but what’s happening just on the side” – Naeem Mohaiemen

The theory behind Mohaiemen’s work is inspired, the blueprint being to take a major moment in history or the present, then finding number of people from the time that all have an accidental connection outside of the event and finally comprising it all together into something between documentary and an interactive display.

He creates installations, films, and essays investigating and exploring the effects of the decolonisation of Bangladesh. The topic is close to him on a personal level, often linking the body of the piece to his family’s experience, and furthermore a discovery of one-half of his dual nationality. Mohaiemen has never been the recipient of any major award making the nomination for the Turner Prize alone a success. Given his unique insight and style, award or not, 2018 is certainly the year for Mohaiemen.

“I am often looking at a historical moment and I’m imagining what the people who are not in the spotlight are thinking in that moment because they are outside of pressure.”

His work leaves the interpreter deeply curious moreover begins to shatter a western disillusion over post-colonial life by exposing lost realities. Furthermore, his presentation and camera work suppresses artistic merit. Naeem Mohaiemen is amongst the most obviously credible for the award.

Luke Willis Thompson (4.00)

Andy Warhol created many an iconic piece but a particular love of his were the Screen Tests, a film whereby the still subject became subject to an imposition of lighting and shadows to thus create a deeply moving four minute shot. Autoportrait, Thompson’s nominated work, revives the Screen Tests, paying homage to Diamond Reynolds after a police officer in an act of homicide killed her partner, Philando Castile.

source: The Wireless

New Zealand artist Luke Willis Thompson has always been involved in the sanctity and rights of human life, often concerning his work with controversial current events. In Autoportrait he constructs an honest account of Reynolds, giving her a lasting humanity to parallel the horrific video taken moments after Castile was shot.

To beg the question of whether Autoportrait is controversial as a piece, in terms of its artistic capacity is ridiculous. He has taken a style of an acclaimed artistic method and readapted it in the modern era as a commentary of contemporary affairs. Simple, stylish and harrowing, Autoportrait has every right to be nominated for a Turner Prize especially after winning the Australian equivalent of the award.

Charlotte Prodger (4.32)

Being the only female artist nominated this year, Prodger certainly makes her stand in a man’s world. Described as intimate, the Glaswegian tends to use moving graphics to illustrate history and herself. She is passionate about sexuality, people and stories of a morbid nature, all of which reflect in her art.

Her pieces are always varied, aiming to leave the interpreter thoughtful and inquisitive to their own perspectives of the world around them, a style of which Glaser would surely approve. That said, her pieces are engulfed in creative expression of herself, as opposed to the socio-political nature of the other candidates for the 2018 Turner Prize. This does not detract from the quality of her art but online sportsbook news in the UK believe it to leave her at a disadvantage for the award.

2018 Turner Prize betting odds round up

Given the controversial nature of their nomination alone, moreover the global stature of the group, there is one clear winner for the 2018 Turner Prize. Forensic Architecture are both the social equivalent of the avengers and an artistic superpower. When reviewing the 2018 Turner Prize betting odds given by 1xBET Sportsbook, the odds when betting on Forensic Architecture at 2.625 have the potential for a huge pay off. 

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