The Garbrandt vs Dillashaw 2 Betting Odds Are Favorable

Garbrandt vs Dillashaw 2 betting odds

TJ Dillashaw defeated Cody Garbrandt at the UFC 217 on 4 Nov 2017. Garbrandt has been seeking a rematch ever since and he will finally get his second chance at the UFC 227 on 4 Aug. Their clash is expected to be an even fight. Accordingly, the Garbrandt vs Dillashaw 2 betting odds are quite favorable.

There is a long history of bad blood between the contenders, who used to be teammates until Dillashaw left Team Alpha Male. Their exchange of insults is undoubtedly amusing, but does it highlight critical differences in their fighting style? In other words, can it help predict the fight?

The trash talk

At the UFC 25th Anniversary Press Conference, Dillashaw cut to the chase, promising: “I’m gonna make him go face down, ass up once again.” Garbrandt replied by claiming that Dillashaw refused to grant him the rematch right away because he “feared” him.

Garbrandt also pointed out that he was not the only one to hit the canvas during their fight last year: “I dropped your ass too. I dropped your ass off the couch. I got off the couch and dropped your ass. Eleven months inactive and I dropped your ass.”

source: Instagram @cody_nolove

Indeed, Dillashaw was only saved by the bell in the first round when Garbrandt’s right hand floored him. He is also right in emphasizing that he was inactive before the fight due to a back injury. The tables might have turned this time, though, since part of the reason Dillashaw refused to fight Garbrandt earlier is that he was struggling with injuries. This is an important factor, which, strangely enough, doesn’t seem to have influenced the official Garbrandt vs Dillashaw 2 betting odds.

The official Garbrandt vs Dillashaw 2 betting odds

While online sportsbooks in the UK considered Dillashaw to be the underdog at their first bout, they are putting more faith in him this time. He is a slight favorite at Vbet Sportsbook, where a 48/50 return is offered for Garbrandt’s victory and 73/100 for Dillashaw’s. But is Dillashaw truly more likely to win?

Garbrandt has one of the best boxing fundamentals in MMA and his punching power outweighs his opponent’s. His speed is also superior. Those advantages nearly earned him a knockout in the first round of the UFC 217 before the upset happened in the second round. With injuries forcing Dillashaw to be inactive, Garbrandt has an even better chance at capitalizing on his strengths in their rematch.

Garbrandt cannot afford to lose this time and he knows that. It will undoubtedly be a tough fight but he has what it takes to win back his championship belt. We think that his real odds are better than the 48/50 online sportsbook sites in the UK are offering; our bet is on Garbrandt.

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