In The 2018 US F1 GP Betting Odds Hamilton Comes Out Tops

The Scuderia might arguably have the fastest car on track but the in the 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton still comes out 8/15 favorite well ahead of either Ferrari driver and now looks to have an unassailable lead in the championship, but as the circus heads off to America will Vettel rail against those 3/1 odds he’s getting at sites like Bovada, currently one of the best online betting sites in the United States, or will team strategist incompetence let him down again?

2018 US F1GP Betting Odds Hamilton
2018 US F1GP Betting Odds Hamilton

“What happened today is unacceptable, I am very angry. It is not the first time that these mistakes have occurred. I do not feel like pointing my fingers at someone in particular, but I’m very disappointed.”

Said Ferrari team boss Maurizio Arrivabene possibly forgetting that the fingers should first and foremost be pointed at him for his incompetence at Ferrari that has ensured that in the 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton at Mercedes remains favorite to win.

The favorable 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton garners are in no small part due to the inept management at Ferrari that inflicted a poor qualifying session on an already under siege Vettel at Suzuka. Back in ninth on the grid the German then made things worse during the Japanese Grand Prix itself by going in one-on-one with Verstappen and coming off worse, an eventually anyone who likes to bet on sports in the US could have predicted well before it actually happened.

Bovada Have All The F1 Odds You Need  

US F1 GP Betting Odds

  • Everyone Else – 1500/1+
  • Daniel Ricciardo – 20/1
  • Max Verstappen – 16/1
  • Kimi Raikkonen – 12/1
  • Valtteri Bottas – 7/1
  • Sebastian Vettel – 3/1
  • Lewis Hamilton – 8/15

“If I don’t go for that gap, and the gap is there, I might as well stay at home.” Said Vettel in explanation for his on-track antics, quite forgetting that he might as well stay at home anyway if he keeps throwing away races on silly impulsive, and some might say unnecessary, maneuvers. “How many times can you afford to wait?” He asked plaintively after the race, although by then the press had flown into a frenzy and in the 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton had soared.

Anyone in the US gambling news reports of the crisis behind the scenes in Ferrari are overblown should think again. With the loss of Sergio Marchionne back in July the team is now absent the heart and soul it possessed for so long and now seems so poor at tactical and strategic thinking it may as well get a soothsayer to examine the entrails of a goat prior to every session, and given in the 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton is so far ahead, perhaps they ought to try it and see.

In 2018 US F1 GP Betting Odds Hamilton At Just 8/15

United States Grand Prix

  • 21st October 2018
  • Circuit Of The Americas
  • Austin, Texas, USA
  • Length – 5.513 km
  • Turns – 20
  • Laps – 56
  • Lap Record – Vettel – 1:37.766

That sites like Bovada will barely give you 3/1 on Sebastian Vettel winning at the Circuit of the Americas in Texas is a sign that confidence in Ferrari has now waned to unprecedented levels and whilst some comfort might be gleaned from Valterri Bottas getting 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton would loathe, some 7/1 right now, that certainly doesn’t mean Vettel can count on the second place finish Vettel would need to keep his only mathematical title chances afloat.

The United States Grand Prix then could well be where the season reaches its climax and at those 2018 US F1 GP betting odds Hamilton looks a shoo-in to take the win and the championship title so if you feel inclined to go out and take advantage of US gambling laws at sites like Bovada do be sure to back Lewis to win, because Mercedes are a well-oiled machine operating at a pinnacle of performance and Ferrari (their only rivals) are operating like they are an episode of Top Gear.

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