Betting Odds Don’t Favour LeBron’s LA Lakers Against Golden State Warriors

LA Lakers versus Golden State warriors has always been a mouth watering matchup but this time, the Lakers have LeBron James and the rivalry is back!

LeBron James
What to expect from LeBron’s LA Lakers Against Golden State Warriors?

Despite this being a preseason encounter what makes it interesting is that it happens twice, once on Wednesday 10 October at the famous Staples Centre and on Friday 12 October at the oldest stadium in the NBA, the Oracle arena.

This is more that any boring preseason match, it is an opportunity for either team to send a clear message on what they want out of the new season. Plus, it is the best chance at seeing new players, rookies, veterans and even the 13th player on the team. You can even find the coaches experimenting with new tactics.

Warriors coach, Steve Kerr said

We’re in the same division and both teams have a lot of talent. The atmosphere is going to be great, even in the preseason. People are going to be really looking forward to it.

Can the LeBron elevate the Lakers?

Image result for lebron jamesAlready in preseason, the Lakers were already beaten twice by the Nuggets, once by their city rivals the LA Clippers but beat the Kings. It’s hard to tell whether they are on form or not with this kind of performance.

This is the first encounter between LA Lakers and tougher competition, and most likely their main rivals for the upcoming season.

The Lakers would have to battle it out with the Warriors for a spot in the NBA finals, this game could serve as a preview of how it would go. Their odds of winning are 2.555.

One of the most substantial changes to the LA Lakers is the arrival of LeBron James. He will be the person most fans would be watching during this game since the media has hyped up his presence at the Lakers so much.

This game might get as much attention from the media as a game in the regular season would. But the question on everyone’s mind will be, can LeBron elevate the Lakers?

Klay Thompson of the Warriors thinks so. According to online sportsbook news in the USA, he said,

I expect him to really improve the Lakers and he has got a bunch of guys – he is the best player in the league.

Can Golden State Warriors end Lakers’ dreams

Draymond Green
Draymond Green

The Lakers want to compete for the NBA championship or at least make it into the play-offs, which they have missed since 2013. We all know LeBron has joined them but the Golden State Warriors have won the championship 3 times in the past 4 seasons.

The Warriors have made their own changes, they have brought in Demarcus Cousins to their already star studded team with household names like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green and Klay Thompson.

It will be the Golden State at almost full throttle, the only one missing is Draymond Green, who has a sore left knee, which won’t be risked for a preseason game with the start of the season so soon. Their odds to win is 1.57.

The last games LeBron James had against this team, the Warriors beat the Cavaliers by a resounding 4-0 result. That’s 4 straight losses in a row! He would definitely be looking to change his fortune at the Lakers.

It seems as though the Warriors are unbeatable. Will LeBron and the talented and energetic team of the Lakers beat the defending champions? We shall soon get a glimpse of this budding rivalry in these preseason matches.

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