2019 AFC Asian Cup Betting Predictions: 7 Best Teams Who Could Win The Trophy


Posted: November 26, 2018

Updated: November 6, 2019

  • Japan were favourites by 2019 AFC Asian Cup predictions
  • They made it to the final with a set of confident victories
  • But still, Qatar are the Asian Cup winners in 2019

Qatar are the Champions of Asia!

Despite all 2019 AFC Asian Cup predictions and betting tips who favored Japan in the final, the 2022 World Cup hosts once again played an outstanding match in the tournament. Qatar beat Japan by 1-3. in the final and became Asian Cup winners for the first time in history.
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2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions: Bet on Japan to win the final!

Date Odds to win the trophy Home Team VS Away Team Odds to win the trophy Round Result
01/02/2019 1.60 Japan VS Qatar 2.35 Final 1-3

After confidently marching till the semi-finals, Japan take their football to the next level. At this point, Iran were the biggest favourites by online sportsbook sites. However, Japan proved their superiority and beat Iran easily by 3-0. they are in the final and no one seems to be able to stop them. Qatar, however, will get to try in the final as they humiliated the Asian Cup hosts with a cruel 4-0 finish in the Semi-Finals. Bet on Japan vs Qatar AFC Asian Cup final!

2019 AFC Asian Cup Semi-Finals betting predictions

Date Odds to qualify Home Team VS Away Team Odds to qualify Round Result
28/01/2019 1.45 Iran VS Japan 2.70 Semi-Finals 0-3
29/01/2019 1.65 Qatar VS United Arab Emirates 2.20 Semi-Finals 0-4

The first two matches of 2019 AsianCup Quarter-Finals were due yesterday. Japan were strong favourites against Vietnam according to all 2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions. However, it ended up as a pretty exciting battle. Japanese striker Ritsu Doan scored the only goal of the game from a penalty, that’s what put Japan in the Semi-Finals.

On the other hand, it was Iran facing China. All online sportsbook sites in China were aware that Iran are the #1 candidates. Even having gone that far was a success for China. Iran proved their point of being the biggest favourites to win the tournament. They trashed China by 3-0. Pre-tournament predictions ranked these two teams as the strongest Asian teams and now they face each other in hopes of reaching the final. It might as well be the pre-final, according to Asian Cup2019 betting odds…

We might cexpect the other Quarter-Finals surprise results. All 2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions expected South Korea to eliminate Qatar. However, the upcoming World Cup hosts managed to secure a 1-0 victory over one of the top title favourites and hence reached the semi-finals. They will be hosted by home-nation United Arab Emirates, who knocked title-holder Australia out in the QFs. They also seized a 1-0 victory. Betting sites now expect Qatar to reach the final…

2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions; Quarter-Finals:

Date Odds to qualify Home Team VS Away Team Odds to qualify Round Result
24/01/2019 6.00 Vietnam VS Japan 1.12 Quarter-Finals 0-1
24/01/2019 5.50 China VS Iran  1.14 Quarter-Finals 0-3
25/01/2019 1.38 South Korea VS Qatar  2.95 Quarter-Finals 0-1
25/01/2019 2.70 United Arab Emirates VS Australia  1.45 Quarter-Finals 1-0

Previous 2019 AFC Asian Cup predictions and betting tips

2019 starts with a new football tournament: the AFC Asian Cup 2019 kicked off as of 5 January. The event is held in the United Arab Emirates. The final will be played on the first of February. Online sports betting in United Arab Emirates already have their very own Asian Cup betting predictions.

1. Japan are the bookie favourites
2. Iran are the biggest challenger
3. UAE, the host to win?
4. Australia in title-defending hopes
5. Qatar to win, seemingly impossible
6. North Koreans will literally fight for their lives…
7. Bet on Philippines to win AFC Asian Cup 2019!

+1: 5 underdogs who could win Asian Cup 2019!

+2: 2019 Asian Cup Top Scorer Predictions and Betting Tips

Is there any team who could upset the odds, or should we give the title to Japan already? Let us present you seven teams that are worth wagering on, when it comes to placing a bet on AFC Asian Cup 2019 winner!

Bet on Asian Cup 2019 at Unibet Sportsbook!
2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions
Rank Team Odds
#1 Iran 2.20
#2 Japan 3.50
#3 Qatar 4.00
#4 United Arab Emirates 8.00

Online sportsbook directory sees Japanese victory

Japan are the strongest team in the AFC region, that’s a fact. That’s why they are also on top of all Asian Cup betting predictions. Unibet Sportsbook gave 4.50 odds for Japan to win AFC Asian Cup 2019. They were the best Asian team at World Cup 2018 as well, and they are the most successful team in the history of ACF Asian Cups, winning it four times. They are going for the 5th in 2019, will they get it?

Japan have qualified for the Semi-Finals upon beating Saudi Arabia in the Round of 16 and Vietnam in the Quarter-Final. Iran was their upcoming opponent and they showed why 2019 AFC Asian Cup predictions favored them from the first moment: Japan beat Iran by3-0 after a goalless first half. Japan are in the final.

Can Iran stop Japan?

Iran has been the most successful nation in the history of AFC Asian Cups up until 2004. That’s when Japan won their 3rd and took over in 2011 winning their 4th continental tournament. Iran hope to equalize this year in the United Arab Emirates. Their odds are 2.50. The last time they won was in 1976, so it’s about time now…

Iran played against Oman in the Round of 16 and won 2-0. Their next opponent was China, whom they trashed by 3-0. In the Semi-Finals, they faced and were trashed by Japan. Iran said goodbye to 2019 AFC Asian Cup with a 3-0 loss in the Semi-Final. Iran could not stop Japan.

Bet on Australia to conquer the world!

Not only are they competing Europe in the Eurovision, but Australia are also competing Asia in football. That is because they grew out of football in the Oceanian region. And they are actually the reigning Asian champions, so the 7.00 odds seem pretty tempting. If you think they can beat their new continent twice in a row, you should bet on Australia to win Asian Cup 2019!

AFC Asian Cup Betting Predictions Australia
From the ceremony before the 2015 tournament. They celebrated in the end as well!

Australia have reached the Quarter-Finals as well. They played a goalless draw against Uzbekistan but went on through a penalty shootout. However, this one the end of the march for them. Australia played against the United Arab Emirates and were knocked out with a 1-0 loss.

Host nations are always among secret favourites, no matter what…

The UAE will host the tournament once again, making online sportsbook sites in United Arab Emirates quite happy. They’ve given venue to AFC Asian Cup in 1996, never before. That year, it was the Saudi Arabian team to celebrate at the end. It happened seven times that the host nation won the tournament. Seven out of 16, that’s exactly 43,75%. Bet on UAE to win AFC Asian Cup 2019 for 23.00! This would be their very first continental trophy ever.

Bet on Asian Cup 2019 at Unibet Sportsbook!
2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions
Rank Team Odds
#1 South Korea 4.00
#2 Iraq 51.00
#3 China 51.00
#4 Vietnam 101.00
#5 Bahrein 201.00
#6 Philippines 2501.00
#7 North Korea 5001.00

The United Arab Emirates beat title-holder Australia in the Quarter-Finals by 1-0. They also won 3-2 against Kyrgyzstan in the Round of 16, as expected by 2019 AFC Asian Cup betting predictions. Thee Asian Cup hosts encountered the World Cup hosts, in hopes of arriving at the final. However, they were powerless against Qatar…

Increasing Qatari ambitions…

Qatar will host FIFA World Cup 2022. However, as of today, Qatar is not on the map of the football world. They are investing huge amounts of money into their football projects in hopes of actually becoming a leading Asian football nation. For that, AFC Asian Cup 2019 could be the first stepping stone. Their odds are 17.00. Is it worth it?

FIFA World Cup 2022 Stadium Qatar
They are already building brand new stadiums for World Cup 2022…

Qatar won against Iraq 1-0 in the Round of 16. In hopes of reaching the Semi-Finals, they were looking forward to the encounter against South Korea in the QFs… While online sportsbook sites in South Korea were sure their team was going to qualify, the future World Cup hosts seized a 1-0 victory and hence reached the SFs, where they met the United Arab Emirates, whom they trashed by 4-0.

Asian Cup betting predictions are against North Korea…

North Korea is not famous of its football, however, they do have minor successes every now and then. For example, they’ve qualified for World Cup 2006, and they finished 4th at AFC Asian Cup 1980. They’ve never won a medal in their continental cup, but there’s a first for everything. If you think they are to win in 2019, you can bet on North Korea for 5001.00!

You can’t bet on North Korea to win AFC Asian Cup 2019 as Kim Jong-un’s personal footballers were eliminated in the group stage.

Bet on the Philippines to win AFC Asian Cup 2019!

Even online sports betting in Philippines were not too optimistic, but here comes the cliche collection: it’s football, the ball is round, anything can happen etc etc. Hey, Leicester City won the Premier League not so long ago! Eibar beat Real Madrid 3-0 not so long ago. Why is it so impossible to imagine Philippines winning AFC Asian Cup 2019? They used to have 2501.00 odds at Unibet Sportsbook, but they are already out of the competition by now.

Philippines lost 3 out of 3 matches, so obviously they didn’t make it through the group stages either. You don’t want to and you cannot bet on them any longer.

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