2019 Love Island Betting: Curtis Pritchard is Likely to Steal the Crown

  • The fifth season of the Love Island is here and it is hotter than ever
  • Drama is already taking over the villa as contestants couple up
2019 Love Island Betting

The fifth season of the reality TV show Love Island is here. Even though it is still early on, bets are skyrocketing through the roof as Brits are constantly rooting for their favs to make it on the best online sportsbooks in the United Kingdom.  In this article, we will focus on the male contestants.

The summer is the equivalent of sun, sea, and Love Island for the Brits. In the fifth season of the hit reality TV, contenders are flying off to sunny Mallorca for another romantic summer. A few million Instagram followers later, a few margaritas and we might have ourselves a blossom of true love.

So, 5 hot guys and 5 even hotter girls are paired up together in a villa and new contestants are added every week to spice things up. I mean who doesn’t love more drama? Viewers vote in every episode in order to eliminate participants. The winner will be those who are coupled up and stayed with their significant other until the end of the show. Of course, if they aren’t eliminated.

Tommy Fury bringing fury into the girls’ hearts

Tyson Fury’s little brother wants to be known for more than just that. He wants to make a name of himself and what better way to do than take part in Love Island. Tommy is the definition of eye candy, with his rock hard abs he’s already causing drama in the villa. I mean, who wouldn’t wanna get in trouble for those abs?

But apparently, looks aren’t enough to get you the win, even on Love Island. Tommy was first with Molly and now he seems to be into Maura. And honestly the lines he uses seem to be really similar. At least be creative in your pick up lines dude. His odds are currently 9/1 to be the top male contestant. However, According to sportsbook news in the UK, his odds of being the next male contestant to be eliminated are 27/20Better be careful Tommy!

2019 Love Island betting favors their sweetheart Curtis

Curtis is like that guy that everyone loves. He is that ex that still gets invited to all the family parties because he’s such a sweetheart. Moreover, he’s been all cooped up with Amy Hart since the show began. He constantly is that wise friend who is there for everyone and melts everyone’s hearts with his love for Amy.

He has the highest odds of being the top male contestant and the lowest chances of being eliminated next. His odds are currently at 11/10. If we were you, we’d put our money on this charming dancer.

Michael Griffiths fighting fires and setting them in girls’ hearts

Everyone fell in love with him the moment he told the story of saving a drowning dog. Every girl literally had her heart in her hand and giving it to him. He is a firefighter and that by default makes him good looking. Michael is kinda playing the field with Amber and Maura while he’s not officially dating any of them.

He has admitted to being invested and not wanting to play games. He’s every girl’s dream guy, am I, right ladies? His odds are currently 3/1. And he has a pretty low chance of getting eliminated (10/1).

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