Gambling Horoscope This Week: June 17-23, 2019

We take a glance at what the heavens have in store for you over the next seven days with our weekly horoscopes.

Gambling Horoscope this Week
Our weekly horoscopes so you know what fortune has in store for you.

A quick glance at the stars tells us everything we need to know about our future so let’s take a look at what they have waiting for you over the next seven days!

Aries March 21 – April 19

Aries Gambling Horoscope
Aries Daisy Ridley may have starred in the Star Wars movie The Force Awakens but this week it’ll be you that has to fight a battle started a long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, or at the very least one that had nothing to do with you. It’s never fun being dragged into conflicts between others, especially with neither side shows much sign of being right, but sometimes you just can’t avoid being sucked in. Try not to make it worse. Your lucky composer is Pau Villalonga of Spain.

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Taurus April 20 – May 20

Taurus Carrie Lam may well face huge opposition and protests on the streets against her continued leading of Hong Kong but this week you’ll actually find most people squarely behind you when you find yourself in charge, albeit it temporarily. Sure, you might only be keeping someone’s seat warm, metaphorically speaking, but it will be a good test of skills you weren’t entirely sure you actually possessed. You do. Your lucky butterfly is the Philiris Oreas of the Lycaenidae family.

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Gemini May 21 – June 20

Gemini Gary Woodland may well have won the US Open at Pebble Beach and this week you could well emulate his success if you hold your nerve and keep your focus. Concentration is going to be all important so keep your eyes on the prize and don’t let yourself get diverted by those clamoring for your attention but who can actually wait to get it (however loud and insistent they become) this is your time to shine alone. Your lucky 1562 painting by Pieter Bruegel is The Triumph Of Death.

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Cancer June 21 – July 22

Cancer OJ Simpson may well have said he has “a little getting’ even to do” but this week you should put all thoughts of revenge out of your mind as it will only lead to more problems than it’ll solve. You may have the best horoscope for gambling but there’s no way anyone would give you decent odds on managing to both gain recourse and still retain the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build, so just don’t stake anything on being able to do so. Your lucky fish is the Black Mudfish.

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Leo July 23 – August 22

Leo Fernando Alonso may well have helped Toyota to another victory in the 24 Hours Of Le Mans race in France but this week you’ll be the one that has to keep pushing despite it all seeming just a little hopeless, because you too will benefit from the sudden unforced errors made by others putting you in a position of ascendance. It might not be fair, and indeed might look quite the reverse, but the fates are on your side regardless. Your lucky 2018 album by Cruachan is Nine Years Of Blood.

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Virgo August 23 – September 22

Virgo Bernie Sanders may well have pulled ahead of Donald Trump in the polls but there’s a long way to go until November 2020 and anything could happen, which somewhat mirrors your own week where the unexpected is likely to crop up far more often than you would wish. Try not to fall victim to thoughts that it’s all spinning out of control because it really isn’t and indeed by the time the weekend arrives you’ll have a much better grip on things. Your lucky dog is Disney’s Pluto.

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Libra September 23 – October 22

Libra Brie Larson may well have assisted in saving the world as Captain Marvel but this week it’ll be you that pulls everyone’s skin out of the fire despite not actually putting much effort into doing so. Accidental heroics are common enough so don’t be too surprised, and whilst you’ll be tempted to modesty in the aftermath this is probably one of those moments where it’ll serve you far better to play along with the popular, if mistaken, impression. Your lucky Georgian artist is Avto Varazi.

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Scorpio October 23 – November 21

Scorpio Jeremy Hunt may well be one of the only candidates in the UK Conservative leadership election willing to criticize Boris Johnson for hiding away from media scrutiny but this week it’ll fall to you to be the voice of caution amid a chorus of enthusiasm. Don’t panic if this appears a lemming-esque course, you’ve got the best horoscope for betting so the chances are you’ll be on the money even if no one admits it. Your lucky defensive structure is Namhae Castle, South Korea.

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Sagittarius November 22 – December 21

Sagittarius Karen Gillan may well have travelled around the galaxy with Doctor Who and a fantasy world in Jumanji but this week you’ll be the one who finds themselves a bit of a stranger in a strange land, however try to roll with it all. It might seem a precarious position but actually you’ll find yourself in a more objective position than many around you and that’ll give your opinions slightly more weight than you expect. Your lucky class of ship is the Azio minelayer from Italy.

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Capricorn December 22 – January 19

Capricorn Maurizio Sarri may well get replaced at Chelsea by Frank Lampard when he goes to Juventus but this week you’ll discover you too are easily substituted and any security of position you felt was entirely illusionary. This might be a rude awakening but it will galvanize you into making the effort you’ve known for a while you should have been putting in, and the results will speak for themselves. Your lucky police-flown aircraft is operated by Chiltern Air Support Unit.

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Aquarius January 20 – February 18

Aquarius Valentino Rossi may well have, along with Andrea Dovizioso and Maverick Vinales been taken out of the Catalan MotoGP race by a crashing Jorge Lorenzo but this week it’ll be you that has to avoid being caught up in the maelstrom created by someone nearby. There’s nothing you can do to assist so don’t believe otherwise, and whilst it might seem somewhat cold there are people who deserve what they get, and you shouldn’t interfere. Your lucky football defender is Jock Hume.

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Pisces February 19 – March 20

Pisces Eva Longoria may well have starred in Telenovela, Empire and Desperate Housewives but this week you’ll be the one in the limelight so make the most of it. Yes, the glare will be a little harsh to begin with, but you’ll get accustomed to that, and with one of the most lucky zodiac signs at present you’ll find that the actual challenges involved aren’t all that huge a set of hurdles and that you can make a go of this new found focus. Your lucky children’s books are the Pietje Bell novels.

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