2019 Russian Grand Prix Predictions: Will Lewis Hamilton Secure His Fourth Victory in Sochi?

  • Lewis Hamilton heading for the 4th victory in Russia
  • Ferrari calls dibs on upsetting the odds
  • Leclerc tipped to secure another historic win for Ferrari
2019 Russian Grand Prix Predictions Lewis Hamilton
The King, greeting his inferiors. Image source: Jen_ross83 via Wikimedia Commons

Formula 1 crew returns to Sochi this week. Amid Ferrari’s recent success, 2019 Russian Grand Prix predictions support Lewis Hamilton to win the upcoming race. Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel round out the top 3.

The Formula 1 calendar for September comes to an end with the Russian Grand Prix. The upcoming weekend might bring another round of intrigue into the championship. Online sportsbook sites in Russia slightly prefer Lewis Hamilton to win in Sochi. Ferrari drivers, though, will try twis hamiltono defy 2019 Russian Grand Prix predictions

2019 Russian Grand Prix Predictions:
Lewis Hamilton 2.60
Charles Leclerc 2.85
Sebastian Vettel 3.50
Max Verstappen 15.00

Hamilton has a reputation to live up to

Lewis Hamilton goes into the Russian GP weekend as the top contender. 1xBET Sportsbook tipsters favour him with 2.60 odds to regain his status in Sochi. After all the Brit is the reigning champion of the round, having three victories on Russian soil under his belt. However, Hamilton still faces the challenge of maintaining his dominance after the summer break.

It’s fair to say that he failed all the three races in September. With the 6th trophy at stake, it’s either finishing the first or losing the game. The driver himself feels pressure to up his game. He worries he still might blow his chances of winning the title, despite the huge point gap between him and other drivers. The Russian GP will be the right race for Hamilton to gain his composure.

2019 Russian Grand Prix Predictions Lewis Hamilton
Young Lewis would be so proud… Image source: ph-stop via Flicker

Vettel ended the winning drought

Sebastian Vettel finally broke the spell and won his first race this season. It was a long time coming, considering the controversial showdown in Canada. That race took its toll on Vettel, setting him back in the competition. Seems the break was all the German needed. His stellar performance in Singapore slashed the odds (3.50) for the next race. It also left fans hoping to put the title challenge back on track. With six rounds remaining, Vettel is unable to bypass Hamilton by points. He will need to win all the races with the British counterpart finishing out of top 10 or retiring.

Nevertheless, online sportsbook news in Russia regards the Ferrari driver as the third contender to win the upcoming race. It will take more than a healthy dose of confidence to outpace “Silver Arrows” in Russia. The Sochi Autodrome is traditionally regarded as Mercedes’ racetrack, with the German team winning in all previous years. If anyone can dethrone them, that would be the four-time world champion.

Youngest drivers tipped to upset the 2019 Russian Grand Prix predictions

Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen might be Hamilton’s biggest rivals from now on. The younger drivers are ambitious and use every inch of the track to outclass experienced counterparts. Having powerful engines under them, both racers stand every chance to be the next world champion.

Verstappen ended Mercedes’ run of eight successive wins to start the year with a victory in Austria. Then he opted to win in Germany and was runner-up to Hamilton in Hungary. The Red Bull driver has been hailed as the most promising driver in Formula1 since he joined the Austrian team.

Leclerc is having a wonderful debut and proves he deserves to compete on F1 level. The 21-year-old Monegasque won his first race in Belgium and brought a much-anticipated home victory to Ferrari in Italy. He took the leader position in the team from a four-time world champion. With 2.85 odds, Leclerc is the closest contender to outrun Hamilton in Russia. The qualification will definitely set the pace for the race. Follow up the latest review about 1xBET Sportsbook before placing bets on the upcoming race in Russia.

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