2019 Team Liquid vs Astralis Betting Odds – A Rematch In The Semi-Finals of BLAST Pro Series

  • Team Liquid vs Astralis, hard to decide which team is more dominant
  • Based on previous clashes of the teams we can expect a great show
2019 Team Liquid vs Astralis betting odds

BLAST Pro Series Global Final will be held in Riffa, Bahrain, December 12-14th. The score will be wrapped up between the four pro teams who gained most Blast Pro Series points during the season. Team Liquid and Astralis already gave us a great show in Copenhagen. Despite their home ground, Astralis won the match by a decent Team Liquid might have a chance for a comeback. 2019 Team Liquid vs Astralis betting odds and betting predictions.

While during this season Astralis is dominating Team Liquid in most of their fights, TL had some nice shots and the season is not over yet. Winning an ESL Pro Leauge, for example, is not something to be overlooked.

TL’s tremendous individual skills might not enough against Astralis’ genuine tactical team play

Astralis seemingly had put their game one step further and they are an interesting match-up against Liquid. The way Astralis plays is more about positioning, gaining map control and outthinking other teams, while TL relies more on their individual skills. We are talking about professional teams, of course, TL has a strong tactical side as well but unless they are able to force out duels, they don’t have much of a chance. Bet on the outcomes of their game here.

2019 Team Liquid vs Astralis betting odds – Bookies seem to forget about Team Liquids potential

Choose from the best online gambling sites in the US, for example, 1xbet is offering odds of 2.49 to 1.51 TL vs Astralis. While lately, Astralis was dominating, TL still has the chance to grab the BLAST Pro Series Global title. Knowing these guys they won’t let it slip out of their hands easily. Early this season on BLAST Pro Series Miami TL won in a tight game of 16:14 against Astralis but later were not able to win over FaZe. 

Nowadays we can see many beating around in the leagues since there are teams with skills never seen before. For eg., after TL lost in Miami against FaZe they faced them again in Copenhagen and settled things with a demonstrative 16:5.

ESL Pro League 9 – The proven potential of Team Liquid

While Liquid had a hard time getting around at the beginning of the finals, they gained confidence against TYLOO. It’s always interesting when an “underdog” is winning a competition. While Liquid left no questions against Hellraiser, they got beaten on Inferno which is a to-go map for Astralis. At the grand finale, TL lost on the first map against Astralis but won the second two. 

According to many opinions, this moment was the end of an era of the terrifying dominance of Astralis. Well, they were proven wrong in Copenhagen. At this inconsistent scene with so many strong teams, it looks like anything can happen. Personally, I believe in the comeback of TL and online sportsbooks in the US are paying well for their victory.

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