2020 Caulfield Cup Betting Odds- Last Year’s Champion is the Favorite

  • Check out the latest Caulfield Cup odds
  • Il Paradiso is going to continue his career in Australia after his owner sold him
  • Last year's champion Mer De Glace is the favorite of the bet365 sportsbook
2020 caulfield cup betting odds
Image source: Chris Phutully / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

Caulfield Cup is one of the most prestigious Australian horse races and often referred to as the stepping stone for the Melbourne Cup. The race is held two weeks before the Melbourne Cup. This year’s race is going to take place on October 17th. Even though there is still good seven months left until the race, the 2020 Caulfield Cup betting odds are already out. The organizers reveal the field and barrier draw on the Tuesday before the race. Since the barrier draw is one of the most important deciding factors in the race, make sure to check that out. 

If you’re familiar with wagering on horse-racing, we’re pretty sure that you’ve heard of Caulfield Cup. The prize pool has shot up by 66% last year to reach 5 million dollars. Because of this sudden increase in the prize fund, the already popular race has started getting even more attention. The audience reaches approximately 60.000 in-person on average and around 2 million people tune in their TVs or radios in order to hear the news about it. The route stretches for 2400 meters, which is much more suitable for the Australian horses. Most of them are trained for and specialized in short tracks.

After the last year’s Cup which was filled with scandals, the organizers are hoping for a better arrangement this year. Last year, a Japanese horse Mer De Glace came in the first place, followed by Vow and Declare. Vow and Declare then qualified for the Melbourne Cup and won the first place. Then Mer De Glace got one kg penalty in the Melbourne Cup and a fine of 20.000 dollars because of the careless riding.

Top 3 favorites of the 2020 Caulfield Cup betting odds

Compared to any other sports, horse-racing might be one of the most difficult ones to predict the outcome. For 2020 Caulfield Cup betting odds II Paradiso, Master of Wine and Mer De Glace are sharing the first place with 17.00 betting odds. According to the online gambling sites in Australia, the vast majority of the winner horses are between 5 to 7 years old. Both Master of Wine and Mer De Glace is reaching that age this year, and Il Paradiso is four years old.

2020 caulfield cup betting odds
Mer De Glace – Image source: Ogiyoshisan / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Trained by Hisashi Shimizu, Mer De Glace won last year’s Caulfield Cup. He’s a heavy favorite of this year because of his unbeaten record of 2019, except for the Melbourne Cup. The penalty of one-kilogram handicap has heavily affected this outcome. It’s highly probable that he’s going to repeat his last year’s success this year. Even though the betting odds are the same, he is the official favorite of the 2020 Caulfield betting odds.

Master of Wine is going to get a 52.5 kg handicap in the Caulfield Cup which can give him a considerable edge. One of the leading horse analysts, Vince Accardi has expressed his belief that Master of Wine can win a triple cup. The Australian Triple Cup consists of Caulfield Cup, Cox Plate, and Melbourne Cup.

As for Il Paradiso, who went away with the third place of the Melbourne Cup last year, he might be one of the safest bets. A UK trainer Aidan O’Brien trains and races him. In his career, which is in its fairly early age, Il Paradiso has been nothing but successful. Even though he might not stand out, he’s a safe and easy way to collect points when betting.

Other Caulfield horses worth mentioning

As for the rest of the horses, it’s hard to say which is which. According to the bet365 sportsbook, there are five horses at the second place of the 2020 Caulfield Cup betting odds. These include Constantinople, Finche, Lucky Lilac, Mustajeer, and Shared Ambition. This year’s Caulfield Cup is going to consist of 18 horses and 4 emergencies. Since the prize fund has increased considerably, a lot of foreign horses have started participating in the race. However, foreign horses are not as successful in the Caulfield Cups as in the Melbourne Cups.

Despite that, you can expect to see a lot more international horses in the race. In 2018, 15 of the horses were international but none got the title. Last year, the number was lower but a Japanese horse Mer De Glace won the championship. There have been six wins for international horses in the last two decades. Lasting until the 18 horses and getting to race in the competition is an honor enough for lots of trainers. There are 300-400 nominations of the horses annually.

All of these odds above are form one of the most popular online gambling sites in Australia. Make sure to read a review about bet365.

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