2020 Democratic VP Nominee Odds Tilt Toward Kamala Harris

Posted: June 23, 2020

Updated: June 23, 2020

  • Women Dominate Shortlist As Joe Biden Picks Running Mate
  • All 2020 Democratic VP Nominee Odds Available At Bovada
  • Kamala Harris Is Current Front Runner At Online Bookmakers
Kamala Harris – Image source: Flickr

Picking a running mate is never an easy choice. A balanced ticket with the right mixture of candidates can be the keys to the White House. Joe Biden was a great addition for Obama, and now Joe needs to find his own partner in politics. The 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds are thus well worth a look. Right now online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada are giving Kamala Harris the nod at 4/6. This makes her a shoo-in, or at least it would in a predictable political cycle.

Whilst the Presidential election looks to be sliding inexorably towards Joe Biden he’s not taking anything for granted. There’s a long way till November. This means that despite the ongoing extraordinary circumstances he needs to continue to campaign as best he can. So, whilst it might look like the 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds are inconsequential, they could prove significant. The traditions of US politics could well reassert themselves as polling day approaches.

This would be a natural reaction of people to uncertain times, and these are very uncertain times. So you can bet on the VP unveiling razzmatazz to be quite the show. It’ll have to be. The Democrats are fighting a constant battle for news cycle minutes. With President Trump, naturally, but also now with the plague and protests too. The 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds at online betting sites in the US like Bovada therefore indicate just how big Joe is going to go.

Elizabeth Warren Gets Only 11/1 To Become VP Nominee

Of course, if he wished to troll the nation, he could pick Hillary Clinton. She gets 28/1. This would probably lead to a civil war. Possibly in minutes. The bookies always offer up this sort of bet on US politics. They probably think it’s funny. It’s the same reason they offer up 20/1 on Michelle Obama. The 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds on either one are a joke. Indeed its only when you get down to the 14/1 mark you start to see even a glimmer of hope of a winner. 

Democratic VP Nominee Odds

  • Hillary Clinton – 28/1
  • Stacey Abrams – 22/1
  • Michelle Obama – 20/1
  • Keisha Lance Bottoms – 14/1
  • Elizabeth Warren – 11/1
  • Susan Rice – 15/2
  • Val Demings – 5/1
  • Kamala Harris – 4/6

It is only a glimmer though. Keisha Lance Bottoms gets that price at Bovada. It probably wouldn’t be wise to rush off to Bovada to take advantage of US gambling laws to back her, however. She has serious competition that is, itself, already failing to gain the support required to have Joe choose them. Elizabeth Warren has jumped up the 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds lately, but still gets only 11/1. Her fiery approach entertaining but that’s not enough anymore. 

2020 Democratic VP Nominee Odds
Elizabeth Warren – Image source: Flickr

2020 Democratic VP Nominee Odds Available At Bovada

Susan Rice, former National Security Adviser to Obama and Ambassador to the UN, gets 15/2. She’d be a great choice for Joe Biden, but her 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds still fall short of a realistic hope. The same, alas, can be said for Val Demings. At 5/1 she’s sitting in second place. Her record as a former law enforcement officer perhaps counting a little against her in the current climate. Joe may also believe he can bring the South without help from Florida’s 10th.

2020 US Presidential Election Odds

  • Donald Trump – 13/10
  • Joe Biden – 4/6

This leaves Kamala Harris the favorite at 4/6. If you’re used to putting a bet on sports in the US, she’s the obvious Super Bowl winner. She has a grassroots support-level that is enviable. She couldn’t get enough support for a Presidential run herself but she’ll be an invaluable asset to Joe Biden. Her 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds might not get you a great return but they do set her up for 2028. Success now could see her breeze into being the first female President of the US.

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We take a look at the 2020 Democratic VP Nominee odds and examine why Kamala Harris is storming away ahead of the pack.

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