2020 Dubai World Cup Betting Predictions


Posted: March 6, 2020

Updated: March 6, 2020

  • We expect a spectacular race in late March
  • It's still not to late to place ante-post bets
Image source: Fars News Agency / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

The most prestigious thoroughbred horserace in the United Arab Emirates will take place in late March. The 2020 Dubai World Cup betting predictions picture an exciting run. The particularly short odds at the 22BET Sportsbook verify that two outstanding equines will ride head to head to finish in the first place. It seems like the tournament will be decided between Benbatl and Mucho Gusto.

The Dubai World Cup is a quite new race. The Emirates Racing Authority organizes the event since ’96. It’s has been held in the Meydan Racecourse since the beginning. The act is known worldwide as an extremely rich and spectacular event.  Even the online sportsbooks in the US have created their Ante-post wagers. Since gambling is illegal in the UAE, the purpose of the event is mostly entertaining. However, we all know that the games you bet on somehow always more exciting…

2020 Dubai World Cup Betting Predictions Picture the Victory of Benbatl

As you can see below in the table, all the odds are shorter than what we we are used to if we talk about ante-post betting. Still, on these occasions, we can easily place rewarding, safe bets. Benbatl’s only real challenger is Mucho Gusto, their odds are +200 and +400 at the 22BET Sportsbook. While both of the horses weren’t too successful in the international races, undoubtedly they are the best sprinters of the Emirates. By the way, the track is 2,000 meters (10 furlongs) long, therefore, the pace-keeping is also important. That’s why Muchos Gusto is the second on every odds list of the online gambling sites in the US.

2020 Dubai World Cup Betting Odds at the 22BET Sportsbook
Benbatl +200
Mucho Gusto +400
Tacitus +700
Capezzano +900
Chysoberyl +1400
Gift Box +1600
Gold Dream +1600

Despite his long odds, a bet on Chysoberyl can also be a sensible decision. He is one of the favorites of the audience. As you can see above in the table, his odds are +1400 at the 22BET Sportsbook. By the way, he can be also a potential shoo-in. While the other horses are totally grown, he is a 4-year-old thoroughbred, without a fix jockey. So, we should pay attention to his progression. Even if he didn’t win any races this year, his time-runs are better and better, day by day.

2020 dubai world cup betting predictions
The winner horse at the 2018 Dubai World Cup – Image source: Fars News Agency / CC BY via Wikimedia Commons

In, summary 2020 Dubai World Cup betting predictions are favoring Benbatl but we can’t forget the emerging racehorses with taller odds. We can expect a spectacular show in a fancy racecourse.

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