2020 Hong Kong Derby Predictions and Betting Tips


Posted: March 10, 2020

Updated: April 1, 2020

  • Hong Kong Derby will take place on the 22nd of March
  • Ante-post betting is still available
Image source: Felamu / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

This time, we will take a look at Hong Kong’s horserace season opener. The 2020 Hong Kong Derby predictions picture an exciting race with high odds. There are gossips about the cancellation of the event, however, it seems the race will be held anyways.

The event exists since 1873. Originally they launched the race at the Happy Valley Racecourse. However, in 1979 they permanently transferred to the Sha Tin Racecourse. Only four-year-old thoroughbreds can apply for the run. It will take place on the 22nd of March.

Horse racing has a tradition in China. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that all the online sportsbooks in China created their wagers. Also, next to the spectacular show, we can also expect a huge prize-pool. Which means exactly 2.3 billion dollars for the winners.

2020 Hong Kong Derby predictions favor Golden Sixty

There are only a couple of weeks left until the season begins. However, you can still go for ante-post betting. As you can see in the table below, the odds are particularly high at the 22BET Sportsbook. By the way, there are two horses that have a considerably short multiplier. Golden Sixty and More Than This.

Betting odds at the 22BET Sportsbook
Golden Sixty 11/8
More Than This 2/1
Champion’s Way 119/20
Super Oasis 27/2
Amazing Beats 14/1
Colombus Country 14/1
Butterfield 14/1
Enjoying 14/1

As we listed in the table below, the odds on Golden Sixty to win the 2020 Hong Kong Dery is 11/8. This is the lowest multiplier in the scene. However, right after him More Than This has 2/1 odds which are just shorter than Golden’s. Therefore 2020 Hong Kong Derby predictions expect that the run will be decided between the two mentioned horses.

Can the the current situation affect the race

2020 Hong Kong Derby Predictions
Previously Mercedes sponsored the act – Image source: Flamelai / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

According to the latest online gambling news in China, a lot of sports events have been canceled. Even more, we can expect that any government in the world can cancel any happening right before it starts. Therefore, we don’t know what can we expect. Mostly the protocol is that they organize the event but only behind closed doors. That means, there will be no audience. Anyone who is interested in the outcome of the race can watch the broadcast of the show.

Is there any long-odds horse who can earn you some extra balance on your 22BET account?

While the 2020 Hong Kong Derby predictions clearly declare that there are only two potentials, based on the statistics we would like to highlight another outstanding equine. As you can see in the table above, Columbus Country has an extremely high 14/1 odds. Whit that number he is the 4th on the list with three other competitors. Despite his tall odds, he has shown an amazing progression since the last season. While he didn’t earn any placings at last year’s season, his time-runs are shorter and shorter day by day. Thus, a bet on Colombus Country can be rewarding.

Betting Tips for the 2020 Honk Kong Derby

In summary, we took a glimpse at the 2020 Hong Kong Derby predictions based on the betting odds. If you want to go for sure, you should place a wager both on Golden Sixty and More Than This. If you play the same stakes, it’s very likely that you will earn some extra for your balance. However, if you are ready to face some sensible risk-taking, you should go for a bet on Colombus Country.

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