2020 Moon Tourism Predictions Help You to Bet Right on First Ordinary Space Trip


Posted: September 16, 2019

Updated: September 16, 2019

  • There is a possibility of a non-exploratory trip to the Moon to happen soon
  • Most people doubt that space companies will succeed in sending people to the Moon by 2021

2020 Moon tourism predictions discover the possibility of a non-exploratory flight to the satellite in the nearest future. There are already several planned trips to the Moon and they are definitely going to happen soon. But will non-astronauts manage to reach the Earth’s satellite before the beginning of 2021?

People’s opinions about upcoming trips to the Moon differ. Some of them say we already can afford common people to reach the satellite, the others insist on its impossibility. Let’s discover, what are the reasons for and against Moon tourism before 2021 and what is better to bet on!

2020 Moon tourism predictions: yes or no?

As any space trip, traveling to the Moon faces some difficulties on the preparatory stage. Some of them keep people from landing on the Moon as easy as Heathrow airport, but they can’t kill a belief in the future success of space travel development.

Most people believe Moon tourism is not going to happen soon

Bets on the 2020 Moon tourism boom before the end of 2020 show up that most people do not believe in the possibility of flights. According to 1xBet Sportsbook, odds on the failure to take tourists to the Moon are 1.05. There are few options for organizing space trips for non-professional goals. The current NASA workforce and finances are less numerous than during the Space Race with the Soviet Union, where the US put all their efforts. Trip to space remains too expensive. If first tourists paid $20 million in 2001 just to go the orbit, what to say about 7-day-trip to the Moon and back.

Moon tourism before 2021 is possible on the basis of a few reasons

Some people believe that space tourism could develop enough to bring humans to the Moon before 31.12.2020. Online sportsbooks in the USA show up that betting odds on taking common people to the Moon are 7.80. This assurance is based on the development of space technology since the 20th century and the successful discovery of space. Also, a few start-up space companies have announced their prices on possible trips to the Moon. The price varies: e.g. Space Adventures wants $150 million per seat, but without landing on the surface. DearMoon Project is another thing that makes people believe in the success of Moon tourism, however, it is going to start in 2023.

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