2020 Moto3 Winner Odds On Suzuki’s Chances


Posted: July 30, 2020

Updated: July 30, 2020

  • Suzuki is the runner-up at overall standings
  • Arenas won two rounds and crashed out in the third
  • McPhee has a very solid chance of winning

Three fast riders Suzuki, Arenas, and McPhee are leading the overall standings at 2020 Moto3 winner odds. But, seemingly the young Japanese rider Suzuki will have the strongest chance to prevail and capture the title at the end of this year.

After several months of delays, the Moto3 World Championship is back on track. Just on 26 July, the hot third round in Jerez was completed. And, the fourth is on the horizon kicking off on 09 August in Brno, Czech Republic. The first two rounds were perfectly won by the Spaniard Albert Arenas. However, he failed to find consistency, with Tatsuki Suzuki riding fast to the finishing line in the third round.

According to the 2020 Moto3 winner odds, Albert Arenas remains the favorite to win the championship. But, he is closely followed by Tatsuki Suzuki and the Scot John McPhee. It is hard to determine the winner at such an early stage of the competition, but most online sportsbooks in Japan consider Suzuki as a very serious title contender.

2020 Moto3 winner odds on Suzuki

The young Japanese rider who debuted in 2015 is attracting a lot of attention these days. He just captured his first win of 2020 and his second overall. With his dominant performance at the Andalusian Grand Prix, he was able to climb up to the second place in the standings. He currently holds 44 points with only six behind the leader.

In the second round, Suzuki was perfectly leading the opening stages but he failed to keep the momentum. Thus, he had to settle for eighth place. Whereas, in the first round in Qatar, he managed to finish fifth. Suzuki became the regular frontrunner only last year when he took his debut victory in emotional circumstances at the San Marino Grand Prix. Now he is all focused on the World Championship challenge, with 4.33 odds at Bet365 Sportsbook to win it all.

2020 Moto3 winner odds
Let’s race!

Arenas sits on top of the standings

The Spaniard racer with Angel Nieto Team has crashed out in Jerez and scored no points. However, he still looks very much like the main contender for the championship with a value of 3.25 at 2020 Moto3 winner odds. It is simply because his first two rounds were just perfect and he remains on top of the standings with 50 points.

Albert Arenas is an aggressive rider and he enjoys a lot of consistency, albeit his latest crash. There is no doubt that his impressive performance will put him at the forefront of the competition. Even if he fails to win the title, he will be among the top contenders until the end of the year.

McPhee looks very promising

The Scottish racer John McPhee with Petronas Sprinta Racing has finished second in Jerez. It was very obvious that McPhee was cautious in the last lap compared to previous races. Probably because winning the Championship is what matters the most in his mind. According to online sportsbook news in Japan, McPhee’s situation looks very promising. He has a strong opportunity to start clawing his way back into the title race.

Every race, McPhee puts up a strong fight and makes very impressive performances. He is now third in overall standings with 40 points. That means he can easily leapfrog Suzuki and Arenas, should he start winning races. If that really happens, his odds are 4.00 to win the Championship this year.

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