2020 Rio Mayor Election Winner: Paes or Rocha?

  • The 2020 Municipal election in Rio is scheduled for November
  • Paes leads the odds, Rocha is a runner-up. Who will head the city?
2020 Rio Mayor election winner

The latest 2020 Rio Mayor election winner predictions are out. This November, Brazilians from the capital city will choose their new head and city councilors. According to bookmakers, Paes and Rocha lead the odds, but who will win?

On November 15, residents of Rio de Janeiro will choose the new head of the city during the first round of the mayoral elections. The second round is preliminarily scheduled for November 29, however, it won’t be needed according to predictions at online gambling sites in Brazil as there are obvious favorites.

All candidates to head Rio de Janeiro in 2020

Fourteen candidates have registered for the 2020 Rio de Janeiro mayor election. There could have been more candidates, but most of them have withdrawn due to various reasons. Including Alessandro Mollon, the mayoral candidate in 2016, Cabo Daciolo, and almost two dozens other candidates, there could have been a tougher competition this year.

Here are all 14 possible mayors of the capital city of Brazil:

  • Renata Souza (PSOL)
  • Fred Luz (NOVO)
  • Sued Haidar (PMB)
  • Clarissa Garotinho (PROS)
  • Eduardo Paes (DEM)
  • Gloria Heloiza (PSC)
  • Henrique Simonard (PCO)
  • Luiz Lima (PSL)
  • Cyro Garcia (PSTU)
  • Eduardo Bandeira de Mello (REDE)
  • Benedita da Silva (PT)
  • Paulo Messina (MBD)
  • Marcelo Crivella (REP)
  • Marta Rocha (PTD)

According to the 2020 Rio Mayor election winner predictions, there are two strong favorites to win the election race. You can bet on them at online sportsbooks in Brazil, but let’s first see who they are and why their chances to win are so high.

2020 Rio Mayor election winner
Let’s play!

2020 Rio Mayor election winner odds

Among fourteen candidates to win the Rio de Janeiro mayoral election in 2020, two favorites stand out from the crowd. They are Marta Rocha from the Democratic Labour Party and Eduardo Paes representing Democrats.

By 22Bet Sportsbook odds, Eduardo Paes is the number one candidate to become the new head of the city. The democrat’s chances to win the election are the best as well as odds – 1.14. This is Paes’ third time running for mayor since serving two terms in 2009-2016. Marcello Crivella, the sitting mayor of Rio, seems to disappoint its residents since they are looking for the previous one to be back. Additionally, Crivella loses to Paes in odds as well – he has only 5.95 odds on his victory.

On the other hand, Marta Rocha is the strongest rival to Paes this year. With 5.55 odds at 22Bet, the candidate from the Democrat Labour Party previously was the first woman to head the Civil Police in the history of Rio. Additionally, she was elected for state congress six years ago, though she ran unsuccessfully in 2002 and 2006. According to the 2020 Rio mayor election winner predictions, Rocha will be the major rival of Paes, but the latter is predicted to head the city again.

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