The 2020 WWE Royal Rumble Betting Predictions Expect the Return of The Undertaker

  • You can bet on the 2020 Royal Rumble
  • The odds show that Roman Reigns is the shoo-in
  • We expect the return of The Undertaker
2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions
The Undertaker wins
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Royal Rumble is not a usual wrestling match, it’s much more. Thirty wrestlers are going into the ring and only one comes out as a champion. We will share our 2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions, who is most likely to win the match. Even more, we will take a glimpse at how the whole WWE system works. The odds are high, so whoever got any clue about the outgoing of this event can count on serious earnings.

How WWE matches work?

Sounds funny, but basically, you should expect the things that are least likely to happen. They are making PPE (pay-per-view) TV-programs, not sports events. If you have crazy speculations, what would be the most horrifying, shocking or ridiculous thing that could happen in the ring, it probably will.

WWE uses writers to create background stories for the match series. If you follow their weekly parade, you already know the crazy stuff they are composing. The champion belt changes his owner quite often. They are focusing on big returns and extraordinary character pop-ups. Their biggest annual act is the WrestleMania. Royal Rumbles are one of the most popular pieces of the shows. Most of the gambling sites in India are already made their bets for next year’s events.

How does Royal Rumble work?

There are 30 competitors. All of them are experienced, well-trained wrestlers (and mostly actors as well). You put all of them in the same ring, one by one, based on a “randomly” generated order. Then, they try to eliminate all the others.

2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions
The Royal Rumble is produced every January since 1988 Author: Bryan Horowitz [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons
In conclusion, to win this battle royal wrestling match, you need the luck to enter the ring, as late as possible but not as the last one. Based on the statistics, the 27th entrant is most likely to win.  You also need loads of endurance to stay between the ropes. Despite any other 2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions, we say it is impossible to forecast what’s going to happen. The only thing you can rely on is that we can expect a fascinating brawl.

Our 2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions will explain why should you wager on the outcome of the match

2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions
Roman Reigns wins Author: Mmsnapplez [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons
The answer is short. The odds are bloody high at every online sportsbook sites in India. If you forecast the outcome of this lunatic team-fight, you can expect insane prizes. The multipliers at 1XBET are from 5.5 to 251.

As you can see below, the odds indicate that Roman Reigns is the shoo-in. The other promising wrestlers are CM Punk and Bray Wyatt. These numbers are based on their previous performances in WWE and of course based on the opinion of wagerers around the world. But remember, this is a show, and people want to see unexpected things. The WWE experts don’t believe in the success of Roman Reigns, for example, you can find an article on Forbes that tells “WWE Is Moving On From Roman Reigns As Its Top Star.

You can find these odds at 1XBET
Roman Reigns 5.5
CM Punk 7.9
Bray Wyatt 8
The Rock 17
Triple H 51
The Undertaker 51

Our 2020 WWE Royal Rumble betting predictions indicate that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Triple H or The Undertaker will be the last one in the ring. As you can see above, they have freaking high odds. Dwayne Jhonson’s popularity in the US is growing day by day. Even though he is an older competitor, he has a kind of low odds comparing to other wrestlers on the online sportsbook sites in the US. The other two legends who are potential survivors are The Undertaker and Triple H.

Will The Undertaker or Triple H return?

Last year was the first year when The Undertaker didn’t arrive at the show between extraordinary circumstances. This year Triple H is hired By the chairman of WWE. So, his appearance also would be astonishing.

In sum, we are expecting an extremely spectacular arrival and these two legends would be the most stunning surprises.

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