Next Doctor Who Odds: Daniel Radcliffe is on the Table

  • The cast for the 12th season is still unrevealed
  • Daniel Radcliffe and Tim Roth also on the table
next doctor who odds
Iconic image for Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special - The Day of the Doctor - (C) BBC - Photographer: Adrian Rogers
Image source: Flickr

The 12th season is coming. Everyone around the internet is buzzing about who will be the 14th actor or actress who can continue the show. The next Doctor Who odds at several gambling sites indicate that Michael Sheen is the most potential. Take a glimpse at the past of the sci-fi series, while making speculations about its future.

In sum, the basic storyline is that a Time Lord who just calls himself “The Doctor” is travelling through space and time to fight all the evil of the universe. Also, he always has a companion who is mostly a nice British girl or some troubled adolescent.

The BBC made TV programs first appeared in 1963 and since then, it’s still one of the most viewed shows that they created. The next season will be the 12th and launches in the first half of 2020.

The previous 13 actors who personated The Doctor were very different characters. BBC always kept his plan for the forthcoming seasons. Therefore,  we never had a clue neither about the plot or the cast changes. So, Next Doctor Who odds are mostly based on the opinion of the online community. Even so, online gambling sites in New Zeland offer taught-provoking options that could give some extra juice to the show.

Who were the other „Doctors”?

In the beginning, they replaced the actor every two years. From 1963 to 1989, seven different men took the role of the space-time traveller character.

Later, in the 1996 TV-film, Paul McGann got the opportunity. Between 1989 and 2005, the Doctor-Who-universe only created this movie.

After 2005, the beloved TV-show rejuvenated. This period was the second heyday of the sci-fi saga with the most popular „Doctors” as Christopher Eccleston, David Tennant, and Matt Smith who left the production at the end of 2013.

next doctor who odds
The history of the Doctors Image source: Flickr

Afterwards, Peter Capaldi took the role for three years.  From 2017 until this moment, Jodie Whittaker became the first woman who personated the master of unknown.

In sum, the next Doctor Who odds show that people are not satisfied with Jodie. Even more,  no one is expecting another female Time Lord. Not just the online sportsbooks in New Zeland underpin this. However, this year caught the most viewers since 2005 and you can still find women competitors on the table.

By the way, if you want to learn more, here is a Shortlist article about the ultimate Doctor ranking, based on the opinion of the fans.

next doctor who odds
Tim Roth also on the table Author: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Can we trust the next Doctor Who ods about the 12th season or BBC keeps his good habit and makes a great surprise again?

At 1XBET next Doctor Who odds picture that Michael Sheen is most likely to take the role in 2020. However, if you are interested in other options, take a look at the table below. So, if you have any idea or you can read the mind of the BBC scriptwriters,  you can’t miss wagering on this question. The multipliers are bloody high. Let the fourteenth Doctor Who to give some balance to your account.

First of all, my favourite possibility is Tim Roth with 15/2. I don’t think he would accept the offer but, that could be the funniest and most touching season of all time. Despite the high odds of this Doctor version, I will bet on him.

Another interesting option is Daniel Radcliffe with 7/1. Will Harry Potter leaves Roxford and has a smack at space-time travel? We will see – you can bet until Christmas.

Next Doctor Who odds at 1XBET (Updated 14-12-19):
Michael Sheen 2/1
James Murray 5/1
Daniel Radcliffe 7/1
Laurence Fox 7/1
Tim Roth 15/2
Benedict Cumberbatch 8/1

You can even bet on the gender of the next space-time traveller super-hero

In the reflection of the great interest 1XBET also created wagers on the gender and even the on the race of the fourteenth Doctor. Therefore, the Next Doctor Who odds also presage that the next protagonist is probably will be a Europid. However, about the gender the odds so also the opinion of the Doctor Who fans are uncertain.

Because of the leaked information, unfortunately, the wager is unavailable at the moment.

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