2021 Dutch Election Odds Suggest VVD is Firmly Leading

  • Bookmakers suggest VVD will likely overcome the scandal
  • PVV is the second biggest political force in the Netherlands
  • CDA, D66, GL, and SP expected to win 10 percent each
2021 Dutch election odds

Dutch people will be going to the polls on 17 March to elect a new parliament. There are 150 seats at stake, with the ruling VVD party massively leading the 2021 Dutch election odds. However, the recent scandal might cause problems and give the main opposition party PVV a chance to compete.

Online sportsbook news sites in the Netherlands confirmed the general election is taking place on 17 March. Each party will compete with one national list in the polls. The top ticket of each party will stand as the candidate for prime minister. So far it is unclear how many parties will have their names on the ballot, but it may be around 30 a similar number to the last election.

According to Politico, VVD is a huge favorite to win around 27 percent of the seats thus remain the largest block in the parliament. PVV might maintain a similar size of 13 percent. Whereas the smaller parties such as CDA, D66, GL, and SP stand around 10 percent each. Should the actual election results resemble these projections, VVD will be the winner, as per 2021 Dutch election odds.

VVD expected to overcome the recent scandal

People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) won 33 seats in the last election held in 2017. But it had to wait over six months to form a new government with a cabinet of four coalition parties. The government has been led by prime minister Mark Rutte one of Europe’s longest-serving leaders.

However, very recently PM Rutte had to let the government fall, after an investigation into a child allowances scandal. He also faces a lot of pressure to resign as the party’s first candidate and let someone else steer the party. It is hard to tell what is happening behind the doors right now. But, the online sportsbooks in the Netherlands expect VVD to survive the crisis and win most seats. VVD stands at 1.04 odds to win according to 22BET Sportsbook.

2021 Dutch election odds
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PVV is the second biggest political force in the country

Party for Freedom (PVV) holds 20 seats in the parliament. It was PVV’s biggest victory since it was founded in 2006 by the leader Geert Wilders. The party is well-known for its controversial religious and immigration position. However, there is no doubt that PVV is highly popular and the second biggest political force in the Netherlands.

Looking back at PVV’s performance in the general election, it had some ups and downs. As for now, it sits behind VVD at 2021 Dutch election odds with a value of 10 to win most seats. Whether the scandal will help close the gap in the upcoming weeks is hard to predict, but remains a strong possibility.

Several smaller parties hope to make an unlikely upset

Several smaller parties that form a big block in parliament hope to increase the number of their seats. The Christian Democrats (CDA) under the leadership of Wopke Hoekstra is among the biggest hopefuls. CDA won 19 seats in 2017 and looks to gain more in March. But, its 2021 Dutch election odds value 18 to take on both VVD and PVV.

The other small party Democrats 66 (D66) won also 19 seats in 2017. It holds 10 in the Senate and 4 in the European Parliament and it has been a part of the ruling government. D66 stands at 21 to win most seats. GoenLinks (GL) values 23 and the Socialist Party (SP) is at 26. However, it is unlikely that the election will make such a wild shake to the political spectrum in the country.

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