2021 Let’s Dance Germany Predictions and Preview


Posted: March 4, 2021

Updated: March 4, 2021

  • Let’s Dance Germany returns for an exciting 14th season 
  • The bookies foresee a win for former soccer player Rurik Gislason
  • Rurik Gislason will dance with professional dancer Renata Lusin

Without a doubt, Let’s Dance is one of the biggest events this year on Germany’s entertainment calendar. Luckily fans and bettors alike can get in on the event’s actions with the latest 2021 Let’s Dance Germany predictions. 

This year marks the 14th season of Let’s Dance Germany which will run from 26 February to 5 March 2021. According to our 2021 Let’s Dance Germany predictions, Rurik Gislason stands the best chance to win this season. 

Presently, this is how the former soccer player’s chances of winning stand against the other top hopefuls on 22BET Sportsbook:

Celebrity Odds
Rurik Gislason 2.50
Valentina Pahde 3.50
Lola Weippert 4.50
Nicolas Puschmann 9.00
Simon Zachenhuber 13.00

Rurik Gislason tops the 2021 Let’s Dance Germany predictions as the likey season 14 winner 

2021 Let's Dance Germany predictions
Rurik Gislason – SebStanbury, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

So far this season, celebrity Rurik Gislason together with professional partner Renata Lusin are favorites to win Let’s Dance Germany. Undoubtedly, the former soccer showed some impressive footwork on the soccer pitch playing for the likes of Charlton Athletic. 

Now, he’ll showcase a different set of footwork skills on the Let’s Dance Germany stage. At this time, he’s the celebrity who stands the best chance to wow the judges and spectators. 

Overall, Rurik Gislason poses a safe bet to win with 22BET Sportsbook odds at 2.50

Another celebrity who stands a considerable chance to win season 14 of Let’s Dance Germany is actress Valentia Pahde. This season, Pahde will dance with professional dancer Valentin Lusin according to the online sportsbook news in Germany

At this time, Valentia has the second-best odds to win at 3.50 according to our 2021 Let’s Dance Germany predictions.

Radio host looks Lola Weippert looks to bring the heat at Let’s Dance Germany 

At this time Lola Weippert is another top contender for this season’s Let’s Dance Germany bragging rights. This time, the radio host and TV presenter has partnered with professional dancer Christian Polanc in hopes of securing the season 14 title. 

Presently, our 2021 Let’s Dance Germany predictions say she has the third-best odds to achieve this at 4.50. Next, reality tv star Nicolas Puschmann of Prince Charming follows with a promising chance to win Let’s Dance Germany. 

According to 22BET Sportsbook, Puschmann who’s partnered with Vadim Garbuzov has odds at 9.00 to win. Lastly, Simon Zachenhuber completes the list of top contenders to win season 14 of Let’s Dance Germany. At this time, the middleweight boxer has odds at 13.00 to achieve on the online sportsbook sites in Germany.

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