2021 L’Isola dei Famosi Odds and Preview: Top 5 Castaways

  • Actor Gilles Rocca is a shoo-in to win L’Isola dei Famosi 
  • Second-favourite Elisa Isoardi leads the Rafindos group
  • This season also features familiar faces Akash Kumar, Awed, and Daniela Martani
2021 L'Isola dei Famosi odds

Once again, Italy’s celebrities will square up for the ultimate challenge to survive on a deserted island. This time around, the 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi odds foresee a win for actor Gilles Rocca. 

This season, L’Isola dei Famosi will be live from March to May 2021 from Cayos Cochinos. At this time, Gilles Rocca has the best 2021 L’isola dei Famosi odds to survive on the deserted island. 

Let’s see how their actor’s chances of winning stand against the other top castaways on 22BET Sportsbook

Celebrity Odds
Gilles Rocca 3.74
Elisa Isoardi 5.50
Akash Kumar 6.00
Awed 8.00
Daniela Martani 8.50

The 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi odds point towards a Gilles Rocca victory

Presently, actor and director Gilles Rocca is among this season’s 16 castaways competing for the 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi title. According to the online sportsbook news in Italy, Gilles Rocca will be playing for survival in the Buriňos group. 

So far, he stands out as the likely celebrity castaway to win this season’s survival competition according to 22BET Sportsbook. As a result, he poses as a safe bet to win with 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi odds at 3.74.

2021 L'Isola dei Famosi odds
Elisa Isoardi and Giordano Berti – Rodrigotebani, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

Group leader Elisa Isoardi eyes L’Isola dei Famosi bragging rights 

At this time, TV presenter Elisa Isoardi is another favorite to win this year’s L’Isola dei Famosi. So far, she’s posing as a strong castaway as the leader of the Rafinados group. What’s more, Elisa Isoardi has the potential to upset Gilles Rocca’s winning hopes. 

Presently, Elisa Isoardi has the second-best 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi odds to be the last castaway standing at 5.50. However, the TV presenter will need to be extremely cautious of Akash Kumar. 

Currently, the model is close of Elisa Isoardi’s heels with the third-best odds to win according to 22BET Sportsbook. All in all, Akash Kumar of the Rafinados group stands a chance to win with odds at 6.00

More celebrities to be the last competitor standing 

This season also features YouTuber Awed who will be competing L’Isola dei Famosi bragging rights. Currently, Awed will be competing for survival in the Buriňos group together with current frontrunner Gilles Rocca. At this time, Awad has the fourth-best 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi to win at 8.00 on 22BET Sportsbook

Lastly, Daniela Martani completes the list of castaways who stand a considerable chance to win the 2021 L’Isola dei Famosi title. At this time the Buriňos castaway has odds on the online sportsbooks in Italy to win at 8.50

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