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Thanks to the new streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, more and more sports documentaries are made every year. Formula 1 fans have been waiting for the new film about Schumacher. But we can also watch new productions about Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods in the latest top sport documentaries. 

Following her latest victory in Portland, Jin Young Ko can continue her winning streak in Arkansas at the next LPGA Tour event. American Austin Ernst is the defending champion but the LPGA Arkansas Championship betting predictions mention other top 10 players as the main favorites now. Like former world No1 Sei Young Kim and former event winner Lydia Ko. 

The Australian Liberal Party leader predictions are now available for the candidate to replace Scott Morrison. The Party has taken a big hit after recent rape allegations for Christian Porter. As a result, some believe that Josh Frydenberg will most likely be taking the position of leadership in the next election. However, this will not be a one-horse race as several other worthy candidates will take part in the elections as well. For instance, Peter Dutton and Greg Hunt are well-esteemed politicians with significant support. Additionally, Michaelia Cash plans to become the first-ever female leader in the history of the Liberal Party. All in all, this will be a tight race, so who will you place your betting predictions on?

Japan’s next Prime Minister betting predictions and odds are now available. After the sudden resignation of Shinzo Abe due to health issues, several candidates have now emerged to “inherit” the position. Recent polls revealed that Taro Kono is currently leading the race as he also enjoys the support of Shigeru Ishiba. However, the race will be a close one as Fumio Kishida Sanae Takaichi’s are not far behind. Therefore, anything could happen until the due date of the elections. The country is also preparing for the 2021 General Election as Liberal Democrats hope to retain their power. Therefore, do not miss chances and place your betting predictions on both events!

Moreno vs Figueiredo trilogy odds are now available after the UFC announced the bout for the event on December 11. The two will be fighting for the flyweight belt to determine once and for all the better mixed martial artist. Moreno and Figueiredo have already shared the octagon twice and are currently on a tied score. Therefore, the trilogy will finally put a close on this chapter to determine the undisputed king of the UFC flyweight division. With the first two bouts producing thrilling moments, anticipation for the upcoming one is high. It certainly has the potential to win the fight of the year award, so make sure not to miss out on it. Find out how you can place your betting predictions to win yourself money.

Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid special odds for the 2021/ 2022 season are now available. We are preparing for thriller season with the return of Carlo Ancelotti to Real Madrid. The Italian manager failed to win the La Liga title in his previous tenure with the club. Therefore, he will be looking to conquer the competition with wins over rivals. On the other hand, history shows that Diego Simeone has a slight advantage over Ancelotti, and the Argentine would like it to remain that way. Make sure not to miss the best derby in the world and place your betting predictions as every point counts in the race to the title.

As the season is coming to a conclusion, bookies are now offering a few options in their Nikita Mazepin special odds. Although the races have been full of excitement and breathtaking moments, the Russian has been left behind. Mazepin has had a disappointing season so far as he regularly finishes in the last place. The combination of the Russian’s lack of talent and the abysmal performance of the car makes a good recipe for disappointing results. However, there are still chances for him to finish in the points under abnormal circumstances. Do you think Mazepin will score any points before the end of the season?

The 2021 Champions Chess Tour predictions reveal that the world champion open as the favorite. Carlsen has been showing some phenomenal form lately, and almost seems unstoppable. However, winning the title will not be an easy task to achieve as other super grandmasters are participating. US champion Wesely So could be a serious threat if he is in form. Additionally, Nepomniachtchi and Artemiev are exceptional players in the rapid time format. Therefore, their chances to steal away the title are considerable. The list does not stop there as several other super grandmasters will participate. Who do you predict will be the winner?

Lionel Messi is one of the greatest football players of all time. Recently his transfer from Barcelona to Paris-Saint German gathered tremendous hype in the football world. In this professional career, this is his first football club apart from Barcelona. So France as his new destination is surely an exciting change for him and his fans also. Let’s look at how things fared for the giant football star Lionel Messi in his full PSG debut. The attack of the Paris Saint-German already looked extremely strong on the paper. With the inclusion of Messi, the squad of Paris has spiced. They are looking like the contenders for winning the UCL.

UEFA Champions League is one of the grandest football competitions in the history of football. The best teams from their respective leagues will face the world in the battle of achieving the utmost peak. The current champion of European Football is a great English Premier League's side, Chelsea. Chelsea defeated Manchester City at Estádio da Luz in the grand finale of UCL 2020 to take the monumental title. As the Champions League returns, the football pundits are awaiting the Barcelona vs Bayern Munich predictions. The match is scheduled to take place at Camp Nou.