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Casinos in Italy

As of March 2017 there are 4 casinos in Italy, the largest among them being the Casino Municipale di’Campione d’Italia with over 60 gaming tables and 800 slots machines. However, all of the casinos are nowadays faced with an immense competition from gaming machines and Videolotteries (VLTs) which are distributed across the country. As of December 2015, Italy had an installed base of 341,000 gaming machines and 52,000 VLTs, which in 2014 made a total turnover of €46.8bn euros.

It is important to note that Italy's first casino opened way back in 1726 in Venice. It was an exclusive place, used by Venetian royalty to discuss business, drink, gamble, and generally have fun. Through the centuries casinos came and went, and today, even though gambling is fully legal, there are just the above mentioned four large casinos on the Italian gambling scene.

Online Casinos in Italy

Italian online casinos are legal, and there are many in operation today, as of March 2017. Many of these are hosted in Italy, and are specifically made for Italian players. There are a number of internet casinos located outside of the country as well that accept Italian players. The Italian government tries to block such sites, but the blocks are ineffectual, and many sites still get through.

Ever since the country has moved from banning to regulating this activity in January 2012, Italian players have shown an increasing affinity for legal online casino gaming, spending around 130 million Euros in the first year.