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The poker calendar for 2022 is not ready yet, but we already know some of the upcoming first big events. From World Series of Poker Circuit to the Los Angeles Poker Classic, these are the top poker tournaments in January. 

Most people love gambling because it is exciting and it is fun. But let us just be honest for a second: everybody cares about the possible wins too! It is true for sports bettors, those who love slot machines, and poker players as well. As poker tournaments have a long tradition, it is obvious that playing poker comes with huge wins. But how huge? And who are the lucky ones to win? Let us see the biggest poker wins of all time!

When you think about the disadvantages of poker, one might be that it’s not an audience-friendly game. Few players can flash something to the audience and rarely. A football player can show off with a great pass, a hockey player can outsmart the goalkeeper, but poker doesn’t have that. Even though you can bluff there big-time, few viewers would be affected. Many don't even realize what they see. Games, sports, and other activities such as trading, are also divided into winners' and losers’ games. Poker falls into the second category. We will show you how to use that to your advantage. How can losers win in poker? Read our article and find out!

Poker is one of the most popular card games in the world. It’s elegant, classy, and not that difficult to learn. The card game owes a big part of its popularity to movies. Movies that made it this successful in our world feature some of the best poker scenes ever. Some of these focus on the game entirely and others only feature a smaller scene but even those became legendary over time. Since it’s so remarkable and popular it’s hard to pick out just five of the best poker scenes but we’ll try our best. In this article, we’ll list what we think are the top 5 poker scenes of all time in movies.

A true online poker grinder is a rare and wonderful breed of a poker player. Should you successfully reach that level of being regarded by the opponents as a grinder, that means you have gained their most respect. So, what does it mean to be a grinder, what type of lifestyle do you need to embrace, and what are the best grinding strategies?

Are you looking for the toughest challenge yet? Do you know which game is the hardest online poker game? Well, here is the answer and it is not only one game but there are three most difficult poker games.

If you are interested in the world of online poker, then you might want to know who is the Hungarian WSOP bracelet winner. Among many other famous Hungarian names within the online community of poker players. If you ever came across the name of Bélabácsi, kiskutya23, OmletteduFR, HungarysHero, lildani9, or Czuczor Márton, then you came across the nicknames of true poker legends

Poker is like a foreign language with its terms and rules. Knowing them is one thing, but the dilemma starts and ends with reading the opponents well. With X-ray glasses, you could win each round without breaking a sweat. Sadly, this is not an option, but there are some tell-tale signs you can take advantage of, both live and online games. Even though at online poker, you don’t have the benefits of making eye contact or reading body language, yet we came up with a few helpful tips for online players. Noticing details about your opponents helps a lot, even in online games, but how does online psychology work?