2021 Tasmania State Election Bets: Liberals Favored to Win

  • Liberals remain solid in the polls
  • Mr. Gutwein looks to retain a majority government
  • Labor and Greens unlikely to make a breakthrough success
2021 Tasmania state election bets

Tasmanians are set to go to the polls on 01 May, almost a year earlier than expected. They will be likely casting their votes on the ballot for one of the three major parties. They are the party in power Liberals, as well as Labor and Greens. If you wish to place your 2021 Tasmania state election bet, you may consider the favorite Liberals.

The liberal premier Peter Gutwein announced earlier that the snap election is officially taking place on 01 May. While the elections were set for 2022, Mr. Gutwein decided it is better to go for an early election. He took the decision after his Liberal government fell into the minority with the withdrawal of endorsement of one of the MPs.

The last time the state election took place was in 2018. As online sportsbook news sites in Australia show Liberals won 12 seats out of the total 25. Labor received nine, the Greens only two, and independents got two. The list of candidates from different parties is yet to be confirmed. However, you can make your predictions on the potential winner at 2021 Tasmania state election bets. Liberals remain the favorite, while Labor and Greens have less chance to win most seats.

The recent opinion polls

According to the EMRS survey published last February, 61 percent of respondents prefer the current Liberal Premier Mr. Gutwein to retain his job. Whereas only 26 percent favor the Labor leader Rebecca White to take over. What is more, Liberals remain the favorite party with 52 percent of support, while Labor stand at 27 percent. The Greens come third with 14 percent.

Looking back at the 2020 polls the popularity of each party has been roughly the same over a year. The support for Liberals was similar last November. Besides, Labor and Greens hold onto similar percentages of supporters.

Liberals look to win for the third time in a row

Liberals premier Mr. Gutwein made it clear his intention to go for a snap election is to retain the majority government,  The Examiner. He assumed the premiership office in January 2020 following the resignation of Will Hodgman. So, probably Mr. Gutwein will look for winning a referendum on his role as the premier.

There is a lot of hope for Liberals to come out as the biggest party again. Should it happen with 1.18 odds at 22BET Sportsbook, it will be a historical win. Liberals never won three times in a row and this will be the third consecutive time. So, presumably, the Liberals are the safest bet on the 2021 Tasmania state election.

2021 Tasmania state election bets
Peter Gutwein – Josh Agnew, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Labor look to make an upset

Labor led by Rebecca White accused the Liberal Premier Mr. Gutwein of manufacturing instability. However, the leader White remains adamant her pregnancy will have no impact on the campaign, as she is due to give birth in June. She said “As far as I am concerned this is a brilliant time for us to go to an election, it does not matter if I am pregnant or not,” as per ABC News.

Labor are running on a platform for improving people’s access to secure housing. In addition, the party promises to focus on investment in various essential services, especially education. If you wish to choose the challenger to make an upset, then you may consider Labor with 4.5 odds.

Greens will unlikely have a breakthrough success

Greens led by Cassy O’Connor are less likely to make an upset, even if they gain seats. They only have two seats now in the Parliament of Tasmania. And there are no expectations so far that Greens will enjoy a breakthrough success this election. While their odds are 51, it is probably a big risk to place a bet on the 2021 Tasmania state election for Greens.

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