2022 Booker Prize Predictions – English Book Award Odds

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2022 Booker Prize Predictions

In this article, we are going to discuss the 2022 Booker Prize predictions and odds. Therefore, if you enjoy books, we recommend you check out our list of best gambling books in 2022. However, if you are interested in fine literature, then this is your betting market. Because the nominees are available at the online sportsbook sites in the United Kingdom.

Therefore, if you are an avid reader, then this might interest you. Haven’t heard about the booker prize yet? Don’t worry, because we are going to explain everything you need to know. Therefore, this article is dedicated to explaining the prize and the available odds. 

Furthermore, we are going to give you our opinion about the winner. Because there are many wonderful books on the announced long list. However, only one may win the prize. Because the winner will be the best book written in English.

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2022 Booker Prize Predictions

Before talking about the 2022 Booker Prize predictions and the event itself. First, it is important to highlight that the winner is always relative. Therefore, you shouldn’t place a bet on the book you’ve read from the list. Because you should always read about every item on the list. Therefore, we recommend you register at 22Bet Sportsbook and check the list of all books. 

Because even if you think romance is the best category, innovative fiction or horror might steal the price. Furthermore, this year is different from the others. Because Alan Garner, a soon to be 88-years old writer is on the same list as a young 22 years old writer. Therefore, the style and the view of the world are going to vary from the books. None of the books earned your interest? Check out our list of best books about sports in 2022.

About The Booker Prize 2022 Predictions

According to The Booker Prizes, the nominees are ranging from 22 to 88 years old. However, this is not an award for the book of the year. Therefore, there are certain conditions for these books to be met. For example, all the books must be written in English. Furthermore, these books must be published in England or Ireland. Therefore, the 2022 Booker Prize predictions will feature strictly English books. 

2022 Booker Prize Predictions
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However, these books are often fiction or valuable pieces of information. Because the most important message of the award is to create value. Therefore, it is not about the writer or their work. Because they wish to promote a book that can carry a message and a different world for the reader. In this article, we are going to draw a conclusion based on their preferences.

The Longlist Of 13 Books

According to Vulture, they have already released a long list of 13 books. Therefore, there are 13 nominees for this award. However, we should not judge based on the writer. Because the oldest writer starts with equal chances to the youngest. This is going to be endorsed by the fact that the latest winner is a special book. Because it was writing about the destruction of borders in all categories of life. Therefore, the Longlist for the 2022 Booker Prize predictions is the following:

  • Treacle Walker – Alan Garner
  • Oh, William! – Elizabeth Strout 
  • Glory – NoViolet Bulawayo
  • Map of our spectacular Bodies – Maddie Mortimer
  • The Colony – Audrey Magee
  • Small Things Like These – Claire Keegan
  • Case Study – Graeme Macrae Burnet
  • Booth – Karen Joy Fowler
  • Nightcrawling – Leila Mottley
  • The Trees – Percival Everett
  • Trust – Hernan Diaz
  • The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida – Shehan Karunatilaka
  • After Sappho – Selby Wynn Schwartz

Booker Prize Odds

Now that you know everything you need about the Booker Prize. Let us talk about the odds before concluding the topic with our 2022 Booker Prize predictions. Therefore, the odds might be different from reality. Because they are based on the achievements of the books with different titles.

Therefore, book awards are different from movie awards. Because every single company offers titles and nominations on a different value. Therefore, the Booker Prize often doesn’t care about the amount sold. Because they want to give the title for the best English book. This is why you should think rationally instead of following statistics.

  • Treacle Walker – 5.5
  • Oh, William! – 6
  • Glory – 7.5
  • Maps of our Spectacular Bodies – 8
  • The Colony – 9
  • Small Things Like These – 9
  • Case Study – 9
  • Booth – 9
  • Nightcrawling – 10
  • The Trees – 10
  • Trust – 10
  • The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida –12
  • After Sappho – 13

2022 Booker Prize Predictions

There are many wonderful books among the 2022 Booker Prize predictions. For example, Treacle Walker is a beautiful and easily consumable story. Because it is about a young soul who tries to make sense of the world surrounding him. However, one of the most interesting reads is the Case Study. Because according to A Little Blog of Books, it has been one of the only books avid readers figured to be featured.

Furthermore, the book discovers the past of our world in a way no one has before. Because it is analyzing the cat and mouse game between a patient and a therapist. However, the winner of the other prize has been a book about destroying the borders between religions, countries, and genders. Therefore, we predict that Case Study is a perfect contrast to complement the other winner. Furthermore, it is an important read for all therapists.

Where To Place A Bet?

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