Best Gambling Books in 2022 – The Best Reads for Gamblers


Posted: January 26, 2022

Updated: January 26, 2022

  • What are the most trending gambling books this year?
  • These reads are a must for avid readers and passionate gamblers
  • Best gambling books in 2022

There are several available books for you to discover. These books are perfect to be paired with online casino sites in the US. They hold valuable information and exciting stories which you can greatly benefit from. On one hand, reading is sharpening the mind. On the other hand, these are all telling strategies, stories, and thinking methods. Because these things are the most valuable for a gambler. Whenever you are about to make a bad choice, you could remember the things you’ve read in these books. We collected the best gambling books in 2022. Recommended by the reviews on the internet. If you are interested in the best gambling books of all time, check out our othersportsbook news. We even have a general guideline for gambling reads.

Best Gambling Books in 2022

Before introducing the best available reads on gambling. First, we should understand the importance of books and information in the world of cards and dies. The best gambling books in 2022 are all telling stories and scientific facts that could improve your gambling experience. Not only because they are teaching you things to avoid, but also to help you develop a winning mindset. If you read all of these books, there is no doubt that you will have almost everything to become a gambling shark. According to Healthline, just about every book can affect your life in positive ways. It helps elevate your depression and anxiety. Prepares your mind for a good night’s rest. And it also helps you work on your skills passively. You develop both reading, vocabulary, speaking, writing, and gambling skills when you are finishing these books.

Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bets On Everything

Titanic Thompson: The Man Who Bets On Everything‘ is probably the most interesting book to grab and start with. It is retelling the true story of Alvin Clarence Thomas. A famous and important American person and character. Known for being a golfer, gambler, and hustler. He traveled across the country, placing bets on every single thing you can imagine bet on. He was often mentioned in parallel with the fictional wizard, Merlin.

There was not a single thing he did not perfect, which can be placed on the same table with any form of gambling. The book has a solid 4/5 points on Goodreads. The author of the book, Kevin Crook wrote this 259 page long read, to honor the man’s hustle. Titanic Thompson was famous for his passion of rigging matches. This is why he is a legend.

Bringing Down The House – Best Gambling Books in 2022

Bringing Down The House was written by Ben Mezrich. This book is this year’s go-to when it comes to gambling. It explains the true story of a university professor and his students, who invented a strategy that could allow the recognition of card-counting possibilities. This book is by no means fiction. Mezrich dedicated this book to staying true to the events which took place in real life. With no enhancement of storytelling, he was loyal to reality, using stone-sharp material to tell this success story. Because it teaches many things for the readers. These six M.I.T students developed a rig within the campus. And in nearly two years, they were already cashing out millions of dollars from the most prestigious Las Vegas casinos. But down the line, they were involved with clean-case investigations. A thrilling story true to reality. And it is the #1 national bestseller of its category.

Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks

Squares & Sharps, Suckers & Sharks is an interesting and odd read on this list of best gambling books in 2022. Because, unlike the other books, this one is more scientific, yet very easy to consume. Discovering the philosophy and psychology behind the human mind and nature.

Best Gambling Books in 2022
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Explaining why we enjoy gambling. The book suggests it is because humans are craving the power to control. And with gambling, we have control over the uncertain. Because this is the main topic of Joseph Buchdahl’s 4.5 stars book. His book is bringing one of the most interesting and scientific facts you could ever learn about any form of gambling. By reading this book, you will develop a much different perspective. And you will understand yourself better. This is one of the top recommendations of 2022.

The Noble Hustle – Best Gambling Books in 2022

The Noble Hustle is Colson Whitehead’s most interesting and unique book to read. This piece is a mix of high-end journalism, storytelling, yet it is also teaching many things about both life and gambling. He documented trying to find meaning while playing. He came to interesting conclusions, with often funny and entertaining comments and statements. Which would make anyone smile while reading the sentences.

The book is strangely profound, which makes it an iconic piece, such as The Catcher in the Rye was. Colson is a man who sacrificed much to prepare himself for the highest level of casino games. Only to come out disappointed in the results, yet satisfied with his experience. This life-changing and eye-opening journey cause his personality to be so interesting to read. Because he experienced the highs and lows of gambling, to come out both burned out and fascinated.

The Best Gambling Books in 2022 – Conclusion

In conclusion, if you read every single item mentioned in this article. Then you are going to possess gambling knowledge, which only a very small amount of gamblers are aware of. You will become a character who understands the highs and lows, and squares and sharps of gambling. And if anything, you will become a person other gamblers will love to talk with. If you are looking for a good gambling experience, then you should visit Zodiac Casino. Because they are offering bonuses up to €500 in bonus cash. Play at these online casinos, and who knows? Maybe you should start documenting it. This way, you can turn your losses and experience into profit. At least, that’s what most of these financial geniuses did, while writing these books.

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