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Disney+ Betting Lines

According to Variety, several new shows are coming up on Disney+ this year. No wonder why online sportsbook sites in the US were quick to accept entertainment wagers to make these unique Disney+ Betting Lines. Several wagers are running in which you can predict the characters appearing in these new shows. The reason why this betting can happen is that these shows are not entirely new. They are new brands within existing franchises such as Loki, Star Wars, Marvel Heroes, etc. If you enjoy any of these shows, check out these exclusive Disney+ Betting lines.

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Why Are There So Many Disney+ Betting Lines?

According to Hollywood Reporter, Disney+ has confirmed its launch in 42 new countries. With this, an arising interest can be expected regarding the new shows featured on the platform. Most of these shoes are off-brands of huge titles such as Star Wars. There is no doubt that these light-hearted wagers might be fun for many fans. If you are placing correct bets on all of these shows, you can expect a huge income when the characters and the casts are announced. Because these shows are going to announce their premise at around the same time. Make sure to follow our sportsbook news to be on the lookout for these shows.

Bet On The Character Debuts of ‘Ahsoka’ on Bovada’s Disney+ Betting Lines

In these special Disney+ Betting lines. Maybe the most interesting items are Disney’s Star Wars specials. Ahsoka and Andor, are the two consecutive Star Wars franchises they are running. You can find both shows in this article, but let’s start with Ahsoka. The most likely item on this list is Hera Syndulla’s appearance.

Because the pilot is a core character in the story revolving around Ahsoka. Being the same alien race as her. Check out the following odds for the Ahsoka’s betting lines on Disney+ here:

Hera Syndulla +250 Chopper +300 Luke Skywalker +500
Princess Leia +500 R2D2 +500 Zeb Orrelios +700
Chewbacca +900 C3PO +1000 Han Solo +2200

Character Appearances in Moon Knight: Disney+ Betting Lines

The new Marvel show to find on these Disney+ betting lines. Is it an entirely new franchise called ‘Moon Knight’? According to The Manual, MoonKnight’s release date has been already announced. The show features the famous Marvel Comics character, Moon Knight. Mark Spector, mercenary suffering from Dissociative personality disorder.

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He is getting involved in a scheme about Egyptian Gods, while his multiple personalities are going to come in and out throughout the whole show. An exciting marvel series that you shouldn’t miss. Check out these Disney+ betting lines, and the odds at the courtesy of Bovada.

Blade -125 Scorpion +550 Maria Hill +600
Punisher +750 Bullseye +1000 Dr. Strange +1000
Taskmaster +1000 Scarlet Witch +1600 Doctor Doom +2500

Bet on ‘Loki’ Season 2 Character Appearances

Loki is the new hot show of Disney+. Nearly everyone who loves Marvel follows this exciting series. The show features superheroes that are inspired by Norse gods. These characters are fighting each other in the city of Asgard. With Loki being an anti-hero slash villain. Probably the most sought-after bet with the highest number of bettors participating in this show. You can bet on the following new characters to appear in the show.

These characters are all unique to the Marvel universe. With the highest probability of appearance is likely Dr. Strange and Odin. With both characters heavily tied to the universe. Check out these Disney+ betting lines and Bovada‘s odds on the upcoming character releases:

Dr. Strange +140 Wong +500 Odin +600
Lady Sif +750 Ant-Man +1000 Hulk +1000
Valkyrie +1000 Wasp +1000

Ms. Marvel – Disney+ Betting Lines

Ms. Marvel is another Disney+ show featured on the betting lines. Ms. Marvel is a female superhero, who is uniting the universe in her story. The most likely character to appear is Captain Marvel. There are several other marvel shows on this list, such as the ‘Secret Invasion. Disney is trying to make the most out of Marvel’s purchased franchise. These shows are all predicted to be iconic. Because who wouldn’t love female superheroes.

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The focus on male characters has always been a topic in Marvel’s history. But because of shows such as this, young girls will now have much more exposure to the superhero universe than they had before. Let’s check out the odds on the show that features the next favorite superhero of your daughter:

Captain Marvel +200 America Chavez +400 Yelena Belova +400
Kate Bishop +450 Falcon +750 Nova +750
Squirrel Girl +800 Miles Morales +1200 Maria Hill +1600

More Superheroes On The ‘Secret Invasion’ Disney+ Betting Lines

Secret Invasion is a live-action Marvel series. Introducing Captain Marvel, with the show revolving around a shape-shifting alien race. The show features Emilia Clarke and Samuel L. Jackson as the main character. With Ben Mendeles making the main character appears as well, starring as ‘Malos’. Bovada has the following odds for this upcoming show:

Abigail Brand +160 Electra +400 Captain Marvel +700
Echo +700 Kate Bishop +700 Patriot +1200
Daredevil +1500 Venom +1500 Namor +1600

Check Out These She-Hulk Disney+ Betting Lines

The Hulk is one of the most iconic characters of Disney’s history. With the likely most sought-after show being the She-Hulk. Featuring exactly what the head title suggests. It is about a female version of the Hulk. A typical superhero story, to expand upon the female superhero characters.

With the recent trend in themes, such as Riot’s Arcane. Female characters displaying physical strength became popular, as the feminist movement made efforts into generalizing gender equality in media. In this year, we will be able to re-experience our childhood, watching stories revolving around The Hulk. Except, this time we will see a modern approach, starring a female main character. The most likely characters to appear in the show are Wong and Hellcat. With both characters closely tied to the universe of this show.

Wong +125 Hellcat +275 Tigra +450
Spider-Woman +500 Jessica Jones +600 Invisible Woman +750
Valkyrie +750 Starfox +1000 Storm +1200
Colleen Wing +1600 Doctor Doom +2500

Andor’s Characters

The last item on the list is Disney’s Star Wars series, Andor. Running in a consecutive plan as Ahsoka. Andor is featuring a character who resembles Han Solo’s characteristics. A survival drama that plays on a post-apocalyptic planet within the Star Wars universe. The main character is a rebel spy, first introduced in Rogue One.

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Claim Bovada's generous 50% up to $250 Welcome Bonus. 18+. New customers only. T&Cs apply.

This story shows the events taking place five years before the events seen in Rogue One. Andor is going to be a side-show that expands upon the Star Wars universe. Check out these Disney+ betting lines, and their odds provided by Bovada:

Princess Leia +125 Chirrut Imwe +450 C3PO +500
Jyn Erso +500 R2-D2 +500 Chewbacca +1000
Han Solo +1000

Where To Bet On These Disney+ Betting Lines?

Reaching the end of this long list of Disney+ betting lines. The only thing for you to do is to visit Bovada Sportsbook. This is the best time to play on Bovada because there are countless amazing and entertaining wagers running at the moment. Such as the Kanye West betting lines, or the Jake Paul professional career one. With exclusive promotions and bonuses offered. You might want to bet on these Disney+ odds. Because if you are a marvel or star wars expert, then you should be able to easily predict the characters and the cast of these shows. This means you can get a charming amount of money by guessing these characters correctly.

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