2023 Cyprus Presidential Election Odds – Predictions


Posted: November 26, 2022

Updated: November 26, 2022

  • Nikos Christoduiles will probably win
  • How to bet on Cyprus politics?
  • 2023 Cyprus Presidential Election Odds

In this article, we are going to discover the 2023 Cyprus Presidential Election odds. The politics of Cyprus is rather confusing. However, we have solid information for you to bet on. Because even online gambling is prohibited in Cyprus. You can always bet on the events happening inside the country. Therefore, you will find political bets on Cyprus politics at the online sportsbook sites in the EU. This is exceptionally good for people who want to bet from outside of the country.

If we are debating the politics of Cyprus, it’s important to highlight that Nicos Anastasiades should not be confused with Nikos Christodoulides. Because Anas is the current president, Christo is the most likely candidate. If you are not living in Cyprus, we don’t blame you if you are confused. This is why we dedicated this article to guide you through it all.

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2023 Cyprus Presidential Election Odds

Let’s start this article by explaining the general situation. Because the 2023 Cyprus presidential election is one of the rarest events you can bet on. The previous President of Cyprus has been elected for more than five years. Therefore, the law demands that the person must be switched out. We can all see that Cyprus seems to be comfortable with its current political profile. Conservatism is present, just like at the 2022 Victorian state election.

However, what makes this betting interesting is the profile of the governing party. Because the Democratic Rally is a liberal-conservative, Christian-democratic party. What does this mean? Well, the people of Cyprus prefer to keep the cultural elements. However, they implement the most modern technology and ideology into it. Furthermore, they are Christian, but they believe in the voice of people.

The Situation

Online gambling is banned in Cyprus. However, their political ideology wouldn’t mind having the largest casino in Europe. This is a strange profile, where they discourage gambling, but they also acknowledge necessary tax returns.

This dilemma is not unique to Cyprus. What we have to understand about the 2023 Cyprus Presidential Election odds is the ideology preference. It seems that Cyprus has a huge preference for soft-right winged parties. Therefore, they are not a fan of far-right ideologies.

According to Cyprus Profile, they do prefer the right moderately more than they prefer the left. This Greek-speaking country had 13 elections before. Therefore, we are betting on the 14th Presidential Election.

2023 Cyprus Presidential Election Odds

Now that you understand the political profile of the country. Let’s list the available 2023 Cyprus Presidential Election odds. Keep one important thing in mind. This betting is not a vote. Therefore, you are not betting on the person you vote on. Here you need to guess the winner. In conclusion, try to guess the result of the votes. According to In-Cyprus Philenews, you can vote online if you want to. However, if you want to bet online then register at 22BET Sportsbook. The following odds are their courtesy:

  • Nikos Christodoulides – 1.14
  • Averof Neofytou – 6.5
  • Andreas Mavroyiannis – 9.5
  • Achilleas Demetriades – 34
  • Christos Christou – 67
  • Constantinos Christofides – 67
  • George Kolokasidis – 81
  • Christodoulos Protopapas – 151
  • Marios Iliadis – 151

Nikos Christodoulides

Before we would proceed to our predictions about the 2023 Cyprus Presidential elections odds. First, let’s talk about the most likely candidate. According to Cyprus Mail, Nikos Christodoulides is the first candidate. However, Averof Neofytou is the second candidate.

Therefore, we have to talk about who Nikos Christodoulides is. He has been serving the ministry ever since 2018. Furthermore, the highest role he has acquired is Minister of Foreign Affairs.

This means that people have been satisfied with foreign relations. Then they will likely vote on him. On the other hand, we have Averof Neofytou. Who has been around since 1996? Furthermore, he has been a member of the House of Representatives.

Our Prediction – 2023 Cyprus Presidential Election Odds

Now that you know everything you can about the 2023 Cyprus Presidential election odds. Let’s talk about our opinion and betting pick. Let’s start with probably one of the most obvious things. Not all voters understand politics or parties. This is not an uncommon thing all over the world. Therefore, we truly believe that a large portion of people will bet on Nikos Christodoulides.

Because his name is similar to the current President. Therefore, if they are satisfied with him, they will think he’s the same person. Furthermore, he represents the current political profile of the country pretty well. Therefore, we recommend you place a bet on Nikos Christodoulides. This time, we don’t recommend you bet on anyone else. However, if you disagree with us. Then Averof Neofytou is the second-best option. In conclusion, we think Nikos Christodoulies will win.

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Online Gambling in Cyprus

As we already mentioned, online gambling is illegal in Cyprus. However, there are several alternatives one can use. Furthermore, if you are interested in Cyprus politics but are not staying in the country. Then this is the perfect opportunity for you. Please check our news: Cyprus to ban online gambling – to understand the whole situation.

Since then, they have loosened the rules. Therefore, some operators accept payment from the country. Furthermore, Cyprus has been supporting Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for a long time now. We recommend you register at 22BET Sportsbook to be able to bet on this event. The previous President can not run for more years. Therefore, the people are trying to find the best person to replace him. Because the new President will also have to handle the problems and issues from the previous office. Will Nikos Christodoulides understand how to represent the voice of the people? We think, he has a good chance.

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