2023 US Open Golf Predictions – Best Betting Odds


Posted: March 23, 2023

Updated: March 23, 2023

  • Tiger Woods is back again
  • Betting odds for the 2023 US Open
  • 2023 US Open Golf predictions

For the 2023 US Open Golf predictions, we have brought you several examples of how to look at golf legends this year. Some legends grow old and lose their charm. However, some of the legends keep on winning tournaments on top of tournaments. And who knows when we will see the next legend? Maybe betting on the lowest odd underdog will win you cash. Maybe Tiger Woods will return to the top gloriously. We will discuss it today.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the 2023 US Open Golf predictions. Therefore, the article includes a series of available odds and statistics. Furthermore, we are going to introduce you to the event and the online sports betting surrounding it. Because I am sure we have many people who are new to online sportsbook sites in the US.

However, we are going to help you understand how to place an effective bet. Because golf has always been one of the most entertaining sports for betting. Do you remember when Rory McIlroy won millions of dollars for his father when he had 10000 odds of him winning? He won and now he is on the top of the odds list.

Introduction To The 2023 US Open Golf Predictions

Let’s start by introducing you to the event. Because the US Open is a part of the list of 2023 Golf Major Tournaments. Therefore, this is one of the events golf fans just can’t wait for. We can potentially see legends such as Rory Mcilroy, Jon Rahm, Scottie Scheffer, and of course Tiger Woods. Among many talented new names who might just be the next golf champions. According to Golf Digest, the event will happen at the Los Angeles Country Club.

Which has several beautiful and professional golf fields. In conclusion, this is one of those events you just shouldn’t miss out on. Furthermore, we are going to see relatively new names. Which is always a chance that this is the first match of the next golfing legends. I recommend you place a bet this year. Even if it’s just a minimal bet, saving the ticket is always a good memory.

The Available Odds

Let’s not get too derailed from the 2023 US Open Golf predictions. Therefore, I have collected the best odds on the most likely winners. According to the US Open, the premium tickets cost $175.00 which involves food and beverage options. But before you’d go ahead to buy a ticket, first let’s place a bet on your predictions. The following odds are available:

  • Mcilroy, Rory – 9.9
  • Rahm, Jon – 10.21
  • Scheffler, Scottie – 10.99
  • Thomas, Justin – 14.36
  • Schauffele, Xander – 18.6
  • Morikawa, Collin – 19.93
  • Homa, Max – 20.31
  • Zalatoris, Will – 23.04
  • Spieth, Jordan – 27.6
  • Hovland, Viktor – 28.47
  • Johnson, Dustin – 29.47
  • Lowry, Shane – 30.24
  • Finau, Tony – 30.5
  • Burns, Sam – 30.93
  • Hatton, Tyrrell – 62.2
  • Rose, Justin – 62.4
  • Woods, Tiger – 64.4
  • For the full list please register at VAVE Sportsbook

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Our 2023 US Open Golf Predictions

Let’s proceed to my predictions. Even if he is my favorite, I do not have a bias toward Rory Mcllroy. However, he is all the same old legend he always was. According to BBC, he already has a tournament-winning headstart among the odds. No wonder why we see him on 9.9. Which is one of the best odds on someone who is known for winning this tournament.

In conclusion, I highly believe that you should place a bet on Mcilroy, Rory. However, if you can afford it, I think you should place a multibet. Because Rory has ten times more odds at winning than others. But at the same time, others might surprise us as always. This means two bets is the most optional pick for this event that features Tiger Woods.

Underdogs That Might Win

My 2023 US Open Golf predictions are not over yet. Because we have a list of underdogs. If you are new, then let me summarize what Underdog means. Generally, these are the people the professional bookmakers believe have the least odds of winning. However, golf is the only sport that allows highly unexpected champions. This is why I want to list the underdogs of these years.

People do not believe in their victory. Yet, they have odds that are just incredible. For example, Stewart Hagestad has 501 in his name. If he has a lucky day and wins, you will receive wild profit. And it wouldn’t be the first time. Check the shocking golf stories to learn Rory Mcilroy’s story. 

  • Rodgers, Patrick – 160
  • Kisner, Kevin – 161
  • Hardy, Nick – 162
  • Munoz, Sebastian – 173
  • Pepperell, Eddie – 216
  • Harrington, Padraig – 269
  • Hagestad, Stewart – 501

Rory Mcilroy Or Tiger Woods? – 2023 US Open Golf Predictions

This is my debate. However, I think it’s an important subsection to mention to those who are new. If you hear the name Tiger Woods, you immediately think he is the MVP. However, this is not true in 2023. Sadly, Tiger Woods is no longer as good as he used to be. He still has the potential to win a championship.

But lately, his best scores are standing at 45th-47th place. Alternatively, he tends to get disqualified early in the competition. In conclusion, I recommend you to not bet on Tiger Woods to win this year. It is just a waste of money. I fear that he is not going to win the US Open anymore. But I am still extremely excited to see him on television.

How To Bet On The US Open Online?

Now that we have discussed my 2023 US Open Golf predictions. Let me give you a quick guide on how to bet. I want to highlight that you can use both USD and Cryptocurrency. This means the website is extremely versatile when it comes to payment and security. First, please take a look at our guide called: How To Bet On Golf.

Once you feel confident enough. Please register at VAVE Sportsbook. After finalizing your registration, you will be able to navigate to the sportsbook section, then find the categories on the left. Search for Golf and you will see the US Open 2023. Click on the name you wish to bet on then purchase your betting slip.

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