2024 Political Predictions – Betting Picks For The Early Politics


Posted: November 27, 2023

Updated: November 27, 2023

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This is our list for the 2024 political predictions. If you are picking these bets, then we are sure that you are not going to lose cash. Unless you are picking the worst result. We have a decent insight into these events. But keep in mind: Betting on politics is always going to be a game of chance. However, we collected some relatively safe picks.

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Today we are going to talk about the 2024 political predictions. These predictions are going to bring you a great idea of what things you should bet on this year. Because the key to political betting is to not take any sides. Therefore, we have to understand the society which is going to vote. And we know what to not bet on.

Thus, we can increase your chances of winning in case our tips come true. While we can not truly promise you which US president will win, we can certainly see who won’t. In conclusion, we are here to help you decide what to bet on. If you are new, all you have to do is to just register at any of the online sportsbook sites in the US.

Biden Will Lose – 2024 Political Predictions

According to Reddit, there is no way for Biden to win. And we kind of agree on that. Keep in mind that we are fully politically independent. However, we can just see the way people don’t want to re-elect Biden. During his time, he was a good measure to replace Trump, but that’s pretty much it.

You can take a look at our collection for the Joe Biden betting odds in 2024. These can be valuable, but betting on him not winning the election is pretty much the best bet today. Without listing the bad and good Biden has done, instead, we would rather focus on what is possible. It is either going to be DeSantis or Kennedy this year. Others are going to try, but we do not believe they will win. Register at Bovada Sportsbook if you wish to wager on it too!

Biden vs Trump bets

Trump Isn’t Going To Win Either

To complete our previous statements. Our 2024 political predictions also agree that Trump will not likely win. He knows what to say and when, and he is a brave politician who wouldn’t be afraid of meeting foreign ministers to agree on issues. This one we give to him. However, he has amassed a grand dislike by people due to his recent decisions, such as confessing that he attempted to cheat.

We see more chances for Trump to win than Biden, that one is clear. But why would we have Trump win, if we have just as many GOP representatives? Another narrative we see is Kennedy because there will be a lot of GOP people to hoard Republic votes away. According to  Politico, others in the GOP are continuing to campaign against him.

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Putin Remains In Russia – 2024 Political Predictions

This goes without any questions. The Russian presidential election is going to happen next year. And we see no competition for Putyin. Part of us already knows what happened to his greatest competitor. Nonetheless, Putin is probably one of the most likely winners of the upcoming election.

He has decided to run for President again, and we are already convinced that Putyin will remain at least until 2030. I think this is not even a question. Whenever do you see a bet on Putin winning the election for Russia? You know that he is going to win, and this victory can win you a great bet. And if you have wishful thinking against him? Just think for a moment and wonder how many people can name anyone in the opposite Russian party outside of Russia.

Betting on Putyin to win

Israel Will Win Eurovision

The 2024 political predictions are not only spreading to elections. Sometimes we have events such as the Eurovision, which celebrates art through the European allies. And this is not a music competition. Rather a festival, where we are listening to already established artists. Take a look at our full review of the new Eurovision 2024 odds. That way you can understand how the whole event works.

But to summarize it, most of the time when a political event is happening, then they are all showing support by offering them the winning place. This has happened to way too many regions now. In conclusion, this is probably a valuable bet. But at the same time, we can never be sure about it.

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National Coalition Winning – 2024 Political Predictions

Not enough yet? Well, there is one more sure shot when it comes to political bets. For this, we have to move over to Finland. Because the Finland Presidential Election is going to take place in early 2024. We already debated who will win the Finland political elections, and we highly believe that the National Coalition is going to win.

Finland is already an established place, and to understand the problem in the system, we have to read the pieces of the Finland book awards. These people always manage to capture an essence that the political parties can no longer solve without the cooperation of the people. In conclusion, we believe that Finland is working exactly the way it is supposed to work.

Finland political bets

Where To Bet On Politics?

To close this article, we are going to give you one final piece of information for the 2024 Political predictions. Winning a bet often doesn’t matter, if you are using the worst possible odds available. This is why it is important to register on more platforms at once. However, if you are looking for something special, then Bovada is not going to leave you unsatisfied with their collection of odds.

They are often hosting more than just an outright bet, and the option to bet against someone is also available most of the time. In conclusion, if you wish to start your political bets with the advantage of amazing odds. Then please register at Bovada Sportsbook for politics!

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