3G Studios Applies for Nevada Online Gambling License

Big chances in prospect for 3G Studios if it obtains Nevada multiple Online Service Provider’s license

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Nevada’s laws are more favorable than the rest of American gambling laws. The Silver State allows their citizens to gamble online. This attracts the companies with the most versatile background to apply for Nevada licenses. Recently, 3G Studios, the first video game company ever, has also applied for the Nevada online gambling license.

3G Studios is an independent video game development studio. It focuses on traditional consoles (e.g. Sony Playstation), iPhone applications and social gaming platforms.

Its wide range of titles include The Dating Game, Brave Arms, The Deep, Skate or Die and SWAT: Target Liberty. 3G Studios, founded in 2006, is based in Reno, Nevada and has already collaborated with several major companies in the video game industry.

The game developer applied for the Nevada multiple Online Service Provider’s license. If they succeed, they could be the first in the world to have a website that accepts real money and enables gamblers to play online poker in USA.

James Kosta, shared his vision about the future of online casinos in United States: “Mobile and online gambling will revolutionize the U.S. gambling industry. We plan to leverage our existing experience to deliver the next-generation gambling experience to a much wider demographic.”

As a Reno-based company, 3G Studios surely has a clear view on the Nevada gambling market. Their short-term plan seem to include offering online poker sites to Nevada residents.

The real big thing for 3G Studios will be coming when other states will change their jurisdiction on online poker and online gambling in general. 3G Studios can lead the way for video companies to conquer new markets that have fantastic opportunities.

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