New Jersey Senator Calls Reid-Kyl Poker Proposal Outrageous

New Jersey senator says Ray Lesniak the Reid-Kyl Poker Proposal gives Nevada unfair advantages over other states.

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The debate about changing the American gambling laws to legalize or at least party allow online gambling continues to involve strong comments from high-level politicians.

Recently, New Jersey state senator Ray Lesniak has made a clear statement in public. Lesnaik is known for his opinion to support the legalization of online casinos in United States, should individual states choose to allow it.

Senator Lesniak told WCBS Thursday: “I think it is outrageous that these U.S. senators are trying to take away from the state of New Jersey a other states. They want to keep it to themselves, most likely focused on Nevada, to the exclusion of our casinos in Atlantic City which need all the help they can get.”

The New Jersey politician was making his point about the proposal of Nevada Senator Harry Reid and Arizona Senator Jon Kyl. Their proposal’s aim is the federal lift of the ban to play online poker in USA. On the other hand, the proposal is strongly against other forms of online gambling.

Lesniak said the proposed bill would take away possible earnings from New Jersey casinos. He went on saying: “If New Jersey allowed it, our casinos would get an additional $200 million of revenues a year. The senators in Washington would take away that opportunity and take away hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues that our casinos need.”

Lesniak is gathering support by appealing Congressional and Senate delegates from New Jersey to stop the bill in Washington. Lesniak’s claim is that the Reid-Kyl Poker Proposal gives an unfair advantage to Nevada over the rest of US states.

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