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Gambling in Ireland

The Gambling Control Bill from 2013 confirmed the legal status of all sorts of gambling in Ireland. This document replaced the previous gambling legislation in the country, in particular the Betting Act 1931 and the Gaming and Lotteries Act 1956. According to the Gambling Control Bill ultimately the Minister for Justice & Equality, through the offices functioning on his behalf is the sole licensing and regulating authority of the gambling sector in the country.

Online Gambling in Ireland

All forms of online gambling are also legal in Ireland, as of January, 2017. In fact, the country is one of the most liberal when it comes to gambling online. Irish internet gambling had its start a decade ago when it was legalized in 2003. The first online bookmaking site emerged in 2004, and other online gambling sites in Ireland came into existence soon after. Internet gambling in Ireland has been slow to catch on, however, perhaps because it has only recently been legalized.

Even though the Irish government gives licenses to operate internet gambling sites within Ireland, many Irish sportsbooks are still hosted offshore for tax purposes. Betting through foreign sites is also allowed.