GAA Senior Championship Odds – How To Bet On Gaelic Hurling?


Posted: February 5, 2024

Updated: February 5, 2024

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Today we are going to introduce you to the GAA Senior Championship odds! If you are Irish, or at least you love Irish sports then this is the best event you can wager on! Gaelic hurling is one of the greatest forms of alternative sports one can find if they are bored with the usual soccer, baseball, and American football options!

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Today we are going to give you the GAA Senior Championship odds! You will be able to wager on the outright winner as we are nearing the semi-finals. There are only four teams left to judge, and we already see who is the absolute best this year. Register at any of the online sportsbook sites in Ireland to be able to bet on this event, and even other sports that might interest you.

With this article, we are going to provide you with a recommendation whose courtesy is our featured odds. There are different games you can discover, and there are even political and novelty award bets available for you! But this time, we are going to debate the Gaelic Hurling Senior Championship odds! We have great news for the fans of Limerick!

About The GAA Senior Championship Odds

This year’s Gaelic Hurling championship is going pretty well! According to the Irish Examiner, Cork’s clash with Limerick has been postponed for a while now due to the frost. Therefore, we may expect some delay in the upcoming semi-finals. But generally speaking, we have nothing to worry about when it comes to the last few matches. We have generally four teams remaining to test, and everyone can see that Limerick is a heavy forerunner.

However, their victory is not guaranteed, making this bet a general win overall. This time we may only bet on the outright winner, which is perhaps for the best. There are four teams, and we highly recommend you ignore the teams that aren’t in the last four. The odds in this article are featured by 20BET Sportsbook!

How to bet on gaelic hurling?

Gaelic Hurling Betting Guide

Before we proceed to the GAA Senior Championship odds, first let’s talk about how you can bet. Generally speaking, Gaelic Hurling is a highly underappreciated sport. Much like other formats in sports like Gaelic Football. Generally, this is all Irish culture, and we can not blame anyone outside of the country for not being immersed in the competitive field. This is why we are here to teach you!

You can find the odds by basically registering at 20BET Sportsbook. Once you have done that, you can scroll down at the left-side search bar and scout for “Gaelic Hurling”. By clicking on the market, the different tournaments will be listed, and so will the odds. Purchase the betting slip and wait for the conclusion of the event. If you win, you can withdraw your cash, as long as you are not due to complete a promotion requirement. In the meantime, take a look at our hurling betting strategies.

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The GAA Senior Championship Odds

Now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at the odds! According to BBC, four teams are remaining (Limerick vs Kilkenny, Calway vs Clare). The following is the schedule for both of the matches:

  • Limerick v Galway – 18:00 BST on Saturday
  • Kilkenny v Clare – 16:00 BST on Sunday.
  • Limerick – 1.75
  • Kilkenny – 8.08
  • Galway – 8.6
  • Cork – 8.6
  • Clare – 10.3
  • Tipperary – 10.65
  • Waterford – 26.45
  • Wexford – 58.4
  • Dublin – 90.9
  • Laois – 501
  • Offaly – 501
  • Westmeath – 501
  • Antrim – 501
  • Kerry – 501
  • Carlow – 501
  • Meath – 501
  • Down – 501

Once more, we recommend you not truly bet on any other team outside of Limerick, Galway, Kilkenny, and Clare. Your sure bet is between Limerick, Kilkenny, and Clare.

hurling betting strategies

Limerick Is The Most Likely Winner

According to the GAA, the SAA Senior Championship odds are not lying about giving the lowest odds for Limerick. So far they have been crushing the competition. Furthermore, they have a history of winning the Senior events. Thus, we recommend you bet on it. Keep in mind that human failure is always a factor in betting.

Therefore, it is always going to be a chance of losing your sure bet. But on the large scale of things, we can all agree that Limerick has a bright future for this year. The main reason why they are dominant is because they have the best manager, John Kiely, who has been a loyal manager for the team since 2016. Right behind them, comes the Kilkenny manager, Brian Cody who has amassed the overall most frequent victories.

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Should You Bet On Irish Sports?

Yes! You definitely should! If you are new to the sport, you can still re-watch events such as the Connacht Championship to be able to establish a prior knowledge of the best teams and the way managers are putting the team players into roles. However, always keep in mind that the GAA Senior Championship odds are most likely going to be appealing for Irish people. Because these sports do not have a World Championship in a sense.

Because the sport is pretty much only played by the Irish countries. Thus, you will not expect to bet on sports giants like Russia, the US, Japan, Korea, or Germany. However, if you can fully embrace Irish culture, then we can easily recommend you to bet on the sport. There are four divisions, and for each division, you are going to find an ongoing event.

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Where To Bet On The GAA Senior Championship Odds

When it comes to Gaelic NFL betting, generally, you just want to bet on where it is more convenient. Therefore, we recommend you to register, at every single sports betting site available in Ireland, or your local area. Because you can use our country selector to find a plethora of different websites.

During each event, just scout for the ones who offer the best odds on your pick. For now, we highly recommend you register at 20BET Sportsbook. They are reliable, trustworthy, and well-known all over Europe. Furthermore, they always have some sort of Gaelic event available in their repertoire. Keep in mind that the teams are rather inconsistent in who is going to win at the beggining of the season. But after a few matches, we can clearly see who is more dominant than the others.

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