2021 Gaelic Football Passion with Connacht Championship Betting Preview

  • Gaelic Football: The ball sent over the bar of the goals or under the bar?
  • 2 matches in Connacht Championship: Mayo vs Sligo and Roscommon vs Galway
  • Have you defined your team in the Connacht championship betting preview?
Connacht championship betting preview

Football with rectangular grass pitch with H-shaped goals at each end? Yes, this is a Gaelic Football which is the most popular Gaelic game. Are you ready for the Connacht championship which is full of speed, precision, accuracy and intensity? Why not be part of the upcoming Gaelic Football passion by Connacht championship betting preview? 

Why Do Bettors love to bet on Gaelic Football matches?

As a curious bettor you know that at first glance Gaelic Football may look like the football we used to see. Two competing teams that try to kick the goal. However, Gaelic Football is a little bit different from football with its H shaped goals, the pitch similar but bigger than rugby pitch and special rules. Firstly, differ from football in this game the players use both hands and feet to control and pass the ball. The game is played between two teams which consists of 15 players. Each of these teams score by kicking or punching through or over the goals. So, if the ball is sent over the bar of the goals, this equates to one point. However, the team will get three points if the ball goes under the bar, into the goalmouth. Which teams get high scores will be winners in other sports.

All these interesting features attract sport bettors and fans attention. What about you? Have you ever bet on any matches of Gaelic football? Do you want to bet on this interesting game and earn money? If yes, you will easily get aware of each of Gaelic football games and odds by visiting online sportsbook sites in the UK. Moreover, if you need more info about other championships of Gaelic Football here is the other article. So, let’s turn to our current betting topic, Connacht championship betting preview.

Gaelic Football Betting with Connacht Championship

What kind of championship is Connacht and which teams have more chances to be the winner? If you have already visited  1xBET Sportsbook you are aware of the scheduled Connacht championship matches on 26 June and 04 July 2021. Of course, you see the odds for each team. The question is which team you can bet on and earn money. Let’s try to analyze the situation and performances of the competing teams. So, the Connacht Senior Football Championship is an annual Gaelic football competition for the senior county teams of Connacht. Actually, not just Connacht counties’ teams but also the teams of London and New York which have also had three times victories.

Connacht championship betting preview
Let’s play – Irish Defence Forces from Ireland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

What is the structure of this competition? So, it runs on a knock-out basis in which once a team loses they are eliminated from the competition. Generally, all the games happen in summer and like this year, the final occurs in June and July. The winner goes directly to the All-Ireland Super 8s which is the premier competition in Gaelic football. So, we will exactly concentrate on these winning teams. Generally, the following teams currently compete in the championship: Galway, Leitrim, London, Mayo, New York, Sligo and Roscommon.

Connacht Championship Betting Preview: Which Team You Can Bet on?

Which of these teams have been more successful in the Connacht Championship? Generally, Mayo have won the competition 47 times and are in the lead Mayo’s most recent victory came in 2020. Yes, on 26 June Mayo will play with Sligo at the Markievicz Park (Sligo). Compared to Mayo, Sligo have won the Nestor cup three times, most recently in 2007. So which team you are going to bet on in Connacht championship betting preview? Sligo or Mayo?

What about the second match that will be between Roscommon and Galway on 04 July 2021 at the Dr. Hyde Park? According to the Roscommon website, generally the team has 24 victories, the most recent one was in 2019. Let’s look at the opponent team’s performance. So, the team currently competes in the three major annual inter-county competitions; the All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the Connacht Senior Football Championship and the National Football League. The team had certain success in each of these tournaments which made the team Connacht’s most successful country with 9 All Ireland Title wins. What do these results do to you? Have you made your decision on the Connacht championship betting preview? If yes, you will need to visit  1xBET Sportsbook and realize your betting. Why not have fun and earn money?

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