4 Best Hotel Suites and a Tribute to A.C.

Atlantic City

You hit the jackpot and you want to spend your time in Atlantic City drowning in luxury and wealth? Try out one of these suites…

Originally, I started the list at the six best hotel suites to try out in Atlantic City. Then, as I realized that many of the best ones closed, I was forced to decrease the number to four. Let’s hope that while I am writing this, there won’t be a new victim of shutdowns. New Jersey has even issued a special loan to try and relieve the city somewhat. As Atlantic City’s popularity falters and scandals hit the news, tourists tend to shy away from travelling to the New Jersey city. One has to wonder: will anything be left of the famous gamblers’ city?

Caesars Palace Atlantic City: Caesar Suite

If I were a Caesar, I’d definitely reserve one of these suites… I feel that the point of having a casino right in the hotel will quickly loose its appeal once someone enters a suite like this. Out come the mobile betting sites and online internet casinos, the menu for room service and the feeling of being utterly relaxed. With marble floors and beautifully elegant décor, you will feel like Caesar riding in on his horse after a conquest. The view from up here is marvelous and in each suite, there is a flat-screen television, WiFi and a bathroom that’ll blow your mind. Oh, and ladies: there are walk-in closets. Ave, Sir, Ave.

Harrah: Red Door Spa Suite

As the name suggests, the emphasis here is on the color red. Don’t imagine a boudoir-like setting, though: red is used in the otherwise white basic setting to achieve a spa-like, relaxing atmosphere. The soothing dark brown of the hardwood floors will definitely calm your nerves, that’s for sure. In some sections, there are mosaics depicting awesome symbols and the wallpaper is incredibly creative. There is a massage room and a sauna, and a tiny gym within the suite. They really went all-in with this one, right?

Golden Nugget: Gold Tower Suites

With views of the city and the marina, these suites will also provide you with a place to eat your dinner while looking at the amazing panorama. The Spa Suite will definitely make you want to spend less time playing in US poker rooms and more time on yourself. The mosaic showers and black bathtubs will persuade you to order room service rather than going downstairs for breakfast. Or lunch. Or dinner. The dominating colors are usually a browny-gold with some instances of white, black and some orange. Some perfect colors to be surrounded with while you work up the will to leave the room and go gambling.

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa: Residence on 36

This suite is a duplex. A duplex, which looks urban and lacks a bit of flair, but at the same time has a modern, simplistic charm that I love. The colors are nothing adventurous either, but the design is elegant nonetheless. On the top floor, there is a spa area, with a sauna, a hot tub and some exercise equipment with a flat screen TV and some weights. This way, you can work out comfortably, without having to wait for someone else to finish their 5k on the treadmill.

Tribute to the ones they’ve lost

Gambling news told us that many hotels were forced to close down. Of those, there are some that are worth mentioning, because their suites were something not of this world. First, the Showboat Super Suite of Showboat Atlantic City Hotel and Casino. A perfectly harmonizing, beautifully white and gold setting where I would have loved to be. The definition of elegance and finesse. The second hotel that I thought should have a place on this list is the Alexander the Great Suite at Trump Taj Mahal. It is colossal and extravagant, with astounding bathrooms and bedrooms. The whole suite is monumental. It truly is a shame for both of them.

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