Channel Your Inner Gambler Cookie Monster, Part 2.

Famous confectioneries in Las Vegas

If you were swept away by the first part of our list of desserts to eat in Las Vegas (I know I am still dreaming of those wondrous sweets,) then you’ll simply love the second part.

Dessert novelties are a great way to wind down from the thrill of gambling. However, wherever you might be, it is hard to find those unique places where you can eat something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life. You know, the type of dish that makes you want to get your smartphone out and make a photo to share it with the rest of the world. Well, these truly exceptional places do exist, and I have assembled them for you. Happy eating!

No. 6: NOBU

Do you want to stop playing on mobile casinos for a second and stroll around the city? Or freshen up after spending some hours on English poker sites? I have the perfect dessert for you. Available at NOBU Las Vegas, is the divine Suntory cappuccino, sporting the most classic and awesome flavor combination of all time: coffee and whiskey. It will definitely revitalize you. Served in a cappuccino cup, it is basically a coffee crème brulée with milk-flavored ice-cream, crunchy cacao and a whiskey foam. I’m starting to feel hungry again…

No. 7: Bacchanal Buffet, Caesars palace

Bacchanal Buffet

Not sure if eating anything off the Bacchanal Buffet dessert menu is not considered a crime. Because it should be! The decoration, the presentation and the vast array of desserts here look so fascinating together, that anyone who wants to break the pattern should be at least fined or something… Of course, I am joking, but this sight is really something else. Like a painting of Dalì. I don’t think I could list anything that they are not offering. They have ice cream sandwiches made to order, tartelettes, macarons, dessert shots and a hundred other types of sweets. I really, really want to get fat here. Please?

No. 8: Payard Pâtisserie & Bistro

• Colossal chocolate fountain
• Dessert buffet so beautiful it’s a sin to eat
• French elegance and pastry style

Cease your mobile casino gambling session right now. Put down your phone, you are going to want to try this. And how could you not? Located in Caesars palace, this is the ultimate place for those who have a refined taste in sweets. Famous pastry chef François Payard offers you a vast array of sleek desserts that couldn’t be more French even if they tried. If you crave something fruity, try the Sicilian, which is a wonderful blend of cranberries and cream cheese. If you are more a chocolate-person, you can try the Chocolate Decadence (no explanation needed, the name says it all.) If, however, you are already full with previous dishes and are looking for something to “cool down” with, try Sweet Relief, a cloud-light mango dessert that will make you melt away.

No. 9: Jean Philippe Patisserie

Jean Philippe Patisserie

Located at the Bellagio and Aria, this is also a “frenchy” place, with decadence pouring from the ceiling. No, literally, pouring from the ceiling: at the Bellagio, there is a chocolate fountain that is so high that it touches the ceiling. I think Willy Wonka’s factory would look like this if it had a more sophisticated vibe. You can find everything and anything here, with an emphasis on the most brilliant macarons ever: they are bursting with color and flavor. You can –and should – take some home for the family, too: sweets come in boxes so beautiful you physically won’t be able to throw them out.

No. 10: Sprinkles Cupcakes and Ice Cream

As the name suggests, it is a cute place. With lots and lots of fresh, sweet inventions, like the red velvet waffle cone. Oh, yes. It is as amazing as it sounds. Try their signature sandwich, which is a scoop of ice-cream packed between two cupcake tops or the sundae which could make someone do crazy things for it. A phenomenal invention of theirs is the Cupcake ATM. Yes, you read it right. It dispenses freshly baked cupcakes at anytime. What a great idea this is! At last, something fundamentally creative. If I could bet on mobile betting sites on this becoming a success, I most certainly wouldn’t wait a second longer.

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