4 Las Vegas Must Do Things This Year

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Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations in the US, which attracts millions of tourists, gamblers, adventurers and whatever else you can think of every year, therefore we decided to put together this list of Las Vegas must do 2014 activities, which will make your experience in Sin City even better.

Las Vegas offers countless opportunities so you have two options, either to plan very well what you want to experience and focus on turning it into reality or just let the city bring you random emotions, while doing various activities.

In order to prevent the experience from turning into an overwhelming one we compiled a list of 4 Las Vegas must do 2014 activities, which will not only create unbelievable memories for life, but will also offer all the joy the city keeps for its visitors.

1. Gamble even if you’re not in Las Vegas to become a millionaire

Las Vegas has something for everyone, but here are four things you shouldn’t miss this year

• Gamble at least a small amount just for the sake of it

• Enjoy refined culinary and performances in an outstanding atmosphere

• Stay active with the adventure rides

If you’re not in Las Vegas to benefit from its gambling opportunities it doesn’t really matter if you pick the iconic Caesars Palace to play baccarat or enjoy craps at Binion’s, or play any of the entertaining slot machines at Palms, or try your luck at any of the countless US poker rooms. What matters is that you’ll experience an atmosphere that can’t be enjoyed anywhere else in the world.

Still, if gambling is not your thing, surely we’ll attract your attention with pointing to The D and Golden Gate casinos, which have dealers, who also happen to be go-go dancers. If that is not a tempting offer, then what is? Surely any money you spend while playing there will be totally worth it.

Therefore, don’t miss Las Vegas casinos, which follow US gambling laws, and create memories for life, even if you don’t turn out to be your country’s next millionaire.

2. Old but gold: Las Vegas gastronomy

There is no way you go to Vegas and don’t secretly dream about the variety of extraordinary food you will enjoy there. The choice may be a little overwhelming and pricey, but it’s all worth, as there is something for every taste, no matter how extravagant it is.

Caesars Palace is the right place to go if you like Parisian food and want to experience the most exquisite culinary adventure. But that is not all that this legendary place has to offer, as the Old Homestead Steakhouse is also there, offering probably the best steak at the Strip.

Of course this is not the only option for steak lovers, as there is also the outstanding SW at Wynn as well as Big Mama’s Rib Shack, offering just what everyone expects from a memorable barbecue.

When it comes to buffets, there are two must-try places: breakfast buffet at the Wynn and Studio B Buffet at M Resort. Both will make you wanna move to Las Vegas forever, or at least visit them one more time before returning to the reality of work and responsibilities in your own city.

3. Give your senses the best possible pleasure while enjoying an outstanding performance

Cirque du Soleil may sound like a cliché and extravagant trademark of Las Vegas, but you won’t make a mistake buying a ticket to one of their remarkable performances.

It’s not bad at all to be entertained by ex-Olympic stars, who will take your breath with the complexity of their pieces.

It is hard to determine which of Cirque du Soleil’s shows is the best one, but for sure Love at the Mirage and O are the most preferred ones. O is also considered the most sophisticated one with over 70 swimmers, divers, aerialists, etc, who perform outstanding acrobatic pieces and use 1.5 million gallons of water for the stage pool.

If this description of Cirque du Soleil doesn’t sound appealing enough, then you can head to Caesars for the special “Absinthe” show. It’s a combination of adult show, stand-up comedy and everything in between, which will amuse you and make your stay in Las Vegas even more entertaining.

Adventure activities for grown-ups

You think that Ferris Wheels are for kids? Think twice when you are up in the sky on the Las Vegas’ High Roller Ferris Wheel, which also happens to be the tallest observation wheel in the world.

In addition to this journey you should definitely enjoy one of the classic rollercoaster rides at the strip. A good starting point is the Stratosphere Tower, which is the tallest building in Nevada.

But there is more to this building, which shouldn’t be hard to guess – it has four excellent rides, which will definitely bring your adrenaline to quite high levels. Jump on Insanity: the Ride, SkyJump, X-Scream, or Big Shot and have fun big time.

Another option is to enjoy the New York-New York Roller Coaster, which goes through the New York-New York hotel. The adrenaline might not be in such high doses as the one from the above mentioned four rides, but it’s worth the try, especially if you’re a Manhattan fan, who prefers roller coasters to walking.

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