43% of Spanish Punters Still Use Unlicensed Gambling Operators

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A recent study published by the Codere Foundation and the Institute of Policy and Governance at the Charles III University in Madrid, suggested that the Spanish online market has developed a lot and potentially reached its peak.

However, the study also showed that 43% of the players still use illegal online casinos in Spain, which offer better deals and promotions. Moreover, around 13% frankly admit that they don’t gamble on Spanish regulated sites at all.

Due to the economic crisis, less and less people gamble online, or they reduce their betting range, which is also visible from the fact that in 2013 there were around 1,150,000 active online punters in the country, which is a 1.1% decline from the number in 2012.

Some results

The conducted survey also showed lack of special respect for the sites, which follow Spanish gambling laws, as most of the players admitted that this factor doesn’t affect their playing choices.

What is more, around 30% of the participants didn’t know if the operators they are using were Spanish or foreign and almost 44% were not sure if these operators were based in Spain.

Despite the fact that Spanish gambling regulators have introduced serious measures against accessing international online gambling sites, players still use them and enjoy their bonuses and promotions.

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