6 Famous Celebrities Addicted to Gambling

  • Celebrities love spending money on their extravagant desires, and gambling is one of them
  • They have time and money to spend on gambling and losing a few bucks on this venture doesn’t hurt their wallet
Celebrities Addicted to Gambling
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Most celebrities love spending money on their extravagant desires, and gambling is one of them. There are many celebrities who love spinning the roulette wheel or put their acting skills to the test on a casino. Some of these celebrities have mastered professional gambling skills and expertise. And many of them are even engaging in it as a second career. However, a significant number of them are amateurs who take gambling as a hobby and end up losing a lot of money as a result of their addiction to it. Here is a list of celebrities addicted to gambling.

Popular Celebrities Addicted to Gambling:

Michael Jordan:

We won’t even talk about his basketball skills because he is definitely the legend of this game. However, his gambling skills are not good enough. He is one of the famous celebrities addicted to gambling. His gambling history starts in 1993 when he admitted that he is addicted to gambling. He said that he lost around 165 thousand dollars in Atlantic City for one day. After such a huge loss, he still plays poker even today actively.

However, things have not changed a lot. He still loses a lot of money. An interesting fact is that he mostly gambles with Tiger Woods and Charles Barkley. More precisely, he challenges these two guys to play basketball and gold against them. He once lost 1.25 million dollars when he gambled on gold with Richard Esquinas, a businessman from San Diego. Some people are of the view that gambling is the main reason why he retired. You can also try your luck by playing poker at the Intertops Poker, who knows you might hit a big jackpot?

Ben Affleck:

Ben Affleck is an Academy Award-winning Actor, screenwriter, and Director. But despite the success in the movie industry, he had to be taken to rehab in 2001 because of his addiction to gambling and alcohol. He is a well-known celebrity who is addicted to gambling. He is passionate about two things, poker and blackjack. Once he confirmed that he lost about 400 thousand dollars in a single poker hand.

Celebrities Addicted to Gambling
Ben Affleck in ’17 – Image source: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of America / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

He is so good at it that he won the 2014 California State Poker Championship. He was also honored with the award for the best original Screenplay in the movie ‘Good Will Hunting’ that was released in 1997. Blackjack was his favorite game. According to online gambling news in the US he was so good at winning hands to the extent of being banned from playing the game at a Las Vegas casino in 2014. In one casino, he staked 60 thousand dollars on a blackjack hand. However, he somehow succeeded to scoop cash out of 80 thousand dollars. Some casino workers claimed that once when he earned a lot of money left a $150,000 tip.

 Charlie Sheen:

From his youth, Charlie Sheen has had an extensive addiction to gambling. The leading actor in the Comedy series ‘Two and a Half Men’ is known for his sense of humor and perfect comic timing. The celeb who was paid about $1.8 million per episode has more than enough money to spend at any luxurious casino he can think of. According to his ex-wife Denise Richards, Charlie used to spend about $20,000 every week on sports betting alone. She says nearly all his gambling losses were through sports betting. Even that amount of money was not enough to reduce his desire to gamble. Although, when the journalists asked him if he still gambles, his answer was “No”.

Tiger Woods:

Besides being the most famous and probably the best golf player ever, Tiger Woods is known for his vices too, like womanizing. He is also one of the famous celebrities addicted to gambling. This is not just a rumor. The entire story was confirmed by one of his many mistresses. She confirmed that Tiger Woods bets around 25000 dollars on each hand. His favorite game is blackjack. Believe it or not, one casino limited his bets to $1 million because he was one of the highest roller players. He demanded from the casino to ensure him a gambling table that is surrounded by a lot of attractive women. His gambling addiction has become public when he became good friends with Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley who are also on this list for their gambling addiction.

Dana White:

If you are a huge UFC fan, then you know that Dana White is the president of this organization. The president of the UFC Dana White is very famous for his gambling habits. He is actually very good at gambling, and has reported that some nights he walks away with up to $5 million just from playing blackjack. He is also an addicted gambler that luckily made some huge successes. We can say that he is probably the luckiest one in the list. Obviously, his skills are damaging the casinos’ profits. And just recently, Palms Casino in Las Vegas banned Dana White for a second time from playing at their casinos.

Celebrities Addicted to Gambling
Dana White in ’15 – Image source: Andrius Petrucenia / CC BY-SA via Wikimedia Commons

Charles Barkley:

Famous athlete Barkley is fully devoted to gambling. However, it seems that his gambling career hasn’t been as successful as his athletic one – losing has been a major part of the story. In an interview back in 2006 he said that he lost nearly $10 million and incredible $2.5 million in just one night of Blackjack. He admitted that gambling is a serious problem for him. He said that he lost $700,000 in only one weekend by betting on the Super Bowl. In 2008 he said that he will not gamble anymore when a casino sued him for owing $400,000. After a 2-year break, he returned to his old addiction. Since his return to casinos, Charles has been practicing “moderation”. He had lost $30 million in the past while gambling.

Most celebrities spend their money on casino games like Blackjack or Poker, and sports betting. These celebrities have time and money to spend on gambling and losing a few bucks on this venture doesn’t hurt their wallet. Meanwhile, if you managed to gather some motivation, try your luck by playing online gambling games at online gambling sites in the U.S.

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